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Welcome to How To Build A Brand!

Authors of The 7 reasons why customers DON'T choose YOU!
Founder of Brand Brains Monthly publication

Why You?

You are the best in your industry right?

But perhaps you’ve found yourself working more hours for less money than you know you deserve.

Maybe you want to stop competing on price to win customers and start earning more than any of your competitors.

Perhaps you are stuck in your business and you need to build your brand in a different way to give you more time freedom.

Or maybe you want to save time, money and energy on marketing by creating the right customer attraction and retention strategy first time.

Whatever your reason for being here, if you want to build a trusted and credible brand that gives you more freedom, choice and financial certainty, you are in the right place.

Why This?

Did you know that 67% of entrepreneurs fail within their first year? Of the 33% that survive, only 5% of those will still be in business after three years.

Most fail because their brand fails to attract the right customers. Without customers, you don't have a business. Without a brand you are unrecognisable and without effective marketing you don't have the visibility you need to attract those customers. You cannot afford to attract the wrong customers, which is worse than having no customers at all. They will waste your time, take up all your energy and make your life miserable, until you want to give up.

This is why we created How To Build A Brand and developed the world’s most valuable brand building resources, such as our signature B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme, which has been specifically designed for entrepreneurs like you. If you want to build a successful legacy that champions customer service and serve the world in a much greater way, keep reading.

Why Now?

You have the choice right now to accelerate your growth, increase your contribution to the world and enhance the quality of your life. So why wait?

You came here for a reason. You want to make positive changes to your business that will enhance your quality of life and have a positive effect on everyone around you. So why struggle, wasting time and money you’ll never get back, when you have a team right here to support you in moving forward?

Please don’t make the costly mistake many entrepreneurs have made over the years and invest in someone cheap that doesn’t have the same level of experience as the How To Build A Brand experts. This is simply a false economy. All this will do is hold you, your business and everyone around you, back from the life you truly deserve and you’ll end up investing even more later to put right what went wrong. Get it right first time and make the decision to work with our team of experts straight away.

Why Us?

Why get it wrong and bumble along, when you can work with the best and achieve greater success!

How To Build A Brand enhances the relationships you have with your customers by improving the way you communicate, collaborate and champion the experience your customers have with your brand.

By making the How To Build A Brand family a core part of your business growth team, you will reduce the amount of time, money and energy you will waste on marketing without our support. This enables you to gain 100,000 hours worth of our marketing team experience, without spending even a fraction of the time or money you would need otherwise to find out what we know.

We will save you years of your life learning ‘how not to build a brand and business’ and help you to accomplish in just three months what it takes the average business owner a lifetime to achieve.

Why Together?

You have found building a brand to be a lonely journey. Why would you continue on that way, now that you know building a brand is simpler and more effective with the right support?

Building a brand doesn't have to be a singlehanded venture. In fact, it never should be. You will be a more effective brand builder if you have the kind of support that includes expert advice and skill development, as well as opportunities to contribute and connect with a global community of business owners and entrepreneurs.

This is your place—the place to build your brand.

“Many business owners find themselves in the situation of paying a high price for advice, but then they cannot afford to implement it. Quite often, they get the wrong advice and feel lost, not knowing what to do next. Maybe that’s you and you just need the right branding and marketing advice and guidance without the high, agency price tag?”

You are in the right place!

This is your very own resource for tested and measured proven success strategies, advice, information and training to transform your business rapidly...

"The B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme has been transformational for our established family run business. As a family, we all went through this programme together to ensure the entire team is aligned to the vision and goals of our future. Our new identity has been very positively received and we now have a whole new image that represents us on every customer facing touch point, from our shop front to lettings boards and business cards!"


Mick Slater, Kingstead Lettings


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