“With How To Build A Brand, we now have a huge arsenal of tools and a network of specialists at our disposal, which has massively helped us to take things 100 steps forward. We have even been approached to do some TV work within weeks of following the programme!”


Jem Scragg, BodyUK

Read on and you will learn:

  1. Why THIS 5 Step B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme is important to YOUR business.

  2. What is included in the Programme.

  3. How it works.

  4. How YOU can EASILY afford to do this.

  5. On going support – oh yes… it does not end there!

  6. PLUS An Amazing BONUS, once you have finished the Programme! Attend a B.R.A.N.D. Strategy 1 Day Workshop WITH US, to work through the key areas of your strategy.

Pssst!…. Most of the programmes out there are just ‘do it yourself’ exercises, the kind you are left alone to get on with, with no help or support. That’s just NOT good enough!

In fact, speak to any or our B.R.A.N.D. Accelerators and they will tell you that they receive personal support from us, EVERY step of the way. Our five step programme is an ‘ACTION = RESULTS, with our help’ programme.

Read on to learn why the B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme is a more thorough and comprehensive system than any other branding and marketing system out there today.

1. Why Is This 5 Step B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Process Important To Your Business?

If you do NOT create a strong foundation for your brand NOW, your brand will:

  • Attract difficult customers who consume your time for very little reward.
  • NEVER be strong enough for you to charge what you are worth.
  • Allow your competitors to send both you and your cash-flow into meltdown.

When your business and your BRAND IS STRONG however, your competitors will disappear from view around you while YOU:

  • Continue to build your brand.
  • Charge what you are worth.
  • Work with the people you love and free up your time to enjoy living the lifestyle you dream of.

How do you do this?

First, a question. Would you agree that when your prospects come into contact with your brand, this is what happens, Yes or No?:


It is the part your prospects do NOT consciously see that you need to pay attention to too!

“The B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme has been transformational for our established family run business. As a family, we all went through this programme together to ensure the entire team is aligned to the vision and goals of our future. Our new identity has been very positively received and we now have a whole new image that represents us on every customer facing touch point, from our shop front to lettings boards and business cards!”


Mick Slater, Kingstead Lettings

The B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme will help you ACCELERATE YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH, at the same time as building a strong brand of VALUE, TRUST, CREDIBILITY, FREEDOM OF TIME and FINANCIAL SECURITY.

You Cannot Afford To Put This Process To The Back Of Your Priority List!

Your Brand MUST come first, because it is YOUR brand that will attract customers who are going to pay for you to live the lifestyle you dream of.
We are going to give you our 36 years of collective expertise and experience during this programme, to help you build YOUR brand and consequently YOUR business.

Read on to find out how...

2. What’s Included

We have conquered the challenge of not feeling supported when you go through a home study course head on, with the creation of our proven Five Step B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme.

Statistics show that most home study courses leave you feeling unsupported, well we have taken that challenge and conquered it with the creation of our proven Five Step B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme!

Like you, we have faced business growth challenges head on, with each of our seven businesses that we built over the last seven years. We have also helped more than 1200 business owners launch their brands and spent in excess of 60,000 hours, in the last ten years alone, testing and measuring what works and what doesn’t. You can rest assured that when you work with us on the B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme, you are accessing all of the knowledge, expertise, people and valuable short-cuts you need to help you launch, brand and build your business.

Find out how we do this, read on…

We surveyed 1000 businesses to ask what they believe is the most vital component of building a brand. 98% said ‘TRUST’. If people don’t BELIEVE in you, you don’t have trust. Without trust, you don’t have a brand. Without a brand you don’t have a memorable business. It is no coincidence that the last three letters of the word BRAND spell DNA backwards. Your brand is the whole DNA of your business make up and it’s what your entire identity sits on. During this first vital step, you will start creating the DNA of your business and the trust that your brand is going to be built on.

The first step is...

Belief Block Buster™

‘When Customer’s Believe In You, They’ll Tell Others About You Too’
Sammy Blindell

In the first step, we show you how to find out and create:


Once you have completed stage 1, Belief Block Buster™ your vision will have totally expanded, your self-worth will have increased dramatically, your goals and targets will have transformed from what they are now and you will attract clients who genuinely value what you are going to do for them. How do we know? EVERY single one of our B.R.A.N.D. Accelerators has reported a positive change in their business and an increase in better quality customers, after only completing stage 1. Imagine what happens next!
The next step is so important. Why?

In 2013, statistics showed 1 In 3 Businesses
FAILING In Their First Year!

WOW! How Can This Figure Be So High?

Because most business owners and marketers plan to fail by FAILING TO PLAN. If you don’t invest time into the vital areas of RESEARCH, that are integral to your customer acquisition strategy BEFORE YOU START MARKETING, you are going to waste a huge amount of time, money and energy – none of which you will get back. By putting in the time now to get it right at this stage, SAVES you a lot of pain, time, financial expense and heartache. Understanding these points will place you leaps ahead of your competitors to ensure you launch in a way that disables them from EVER catching up with you.

This is why we take you through the second very important step...

“I’ve worked with a number of marketing agencies over the last couple of years, wasting a lot of time and money. They came unstuck every time because they didn’t really resonate with me or take time to understand my business. However, the guys at How To Build A Brand have given me faith in marketing again.”

Suzanne Peck, Homefield Detox & Weight Loss Spa Retreat

Rapid Research Radar™

‘Know YOUR Market, Grab YOUR Share’
Miles Fryer


Doing your research in step 2 is fundamental to the success of your business growth. Knowing what to do with the results of that research once you have it, is another thing entirely. This vital third step will ensure you get the most out of your new found knowledge, enabling you to build a brand that talks to your customers and engages them into taking action.

Whether you are there personally to communicate what you do, or you are communicating your message through your website and other people via word of mouth, this step will help your brand to expand - even when you aren’t there.

The vitally important third step is...

Advanced Customer Profiler™

‘‘Ideal Customers Bring Ideal Outcomes’ ’
Miles Fryer

In the third step you will ESTABLISH:


So… let’s recap.
Having completed Steps 1, 2 and 3, you will now:

  • Believe so much more in the level of success you can achieve and your true self-worth.

  • Research your market and know your place as the LEADER in it.

  • Attract your ideal customers by truly understanding their needs.

The skill is to know how to communicate your brand messages in the most effective way possible.

The fourth stage really makes your brand stick in the hearts and minds of the people YOU want to do business with. It is what will ATTRACT, ENGAGE and CONVERT strangers into friends and transform those friends into your lifetime customers.

It would be easy for you to start marketing yourself to the wrong people in the wrong way, damaging your chances of success along with your reputation. This will not help you build your brand.

Instead, with the next stage you will start marketing your business to the right people, in the right way and at the right time, so YOUR business flourishes, YOUR customers flourish, YOUR bank account flourishes and YOUR life will flourish along with it.

The fourth step is...

Nurture Your A.C.E.S.™

‘Build Trust And They Will Come’
Miles Fryer

In the fourth step you will DEVELOP:


Now you have built a strategy of communication through the channels that will work for YOUR business, perfectly tuned to your ideal customers and able to climb above your competitors within your market, it is so important to start forming the plan of action. We have learned many lessons the hard way and this knowledge enables us to help you develop a clear brief, with a productive plan of action, because we will be able to assess all your answers and advise accordingly.

You will also receive personal introductions to the people we use to help us to continually build our own brand.

Based on feedback we have received from those business owners who have already made these painful outsourcing mistakes before working with us, this final step will SAVE you from wasting a huge amount of money and wasting years of time and quality of life. This final, ‘not-to-be-missed step’ will literally help you to speed up your success and go directly to the source of great lifetime financial rewards.

This fifth and final step is...

Double Domination Dynamo™

‘To get TRACTION you must first TAKE ACTION’
Miles Fryer

In the fifth step you will develop a plan of action to deploy a focused and productive strategy:


So often when the theory is done, the strategy is determined, nothing happens. Why is this? Because planning is not followed closely by implementation. How many business owners do you know who have paid handsomely for a business plan, or a marketing strategy, yet have not seen it or revisited it for months, possibly even years? It is something Sammy and I hear about very often when we first speak to our potential customers. If you do not implement the strategy you will not get the results, plain and simple. That is where the B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme is different. Within the DEPLOY stage of the programme, “Double Domination Dynamo™”, you will create the brand and logo design brief, website brief and 6 month action plan so that you will know what to do, when to do it and where.

Also, with the 12 month Aftercare support and community support facility we have created you will never be flying solo. Checking and measuring your progress is essential for business growth. Would you agree that it is always good to have experts near by to check in with to make sure you are still on track, yes or no? We provide that because your great results are as important to us as they are to you.

Let's go and get those GREAT results...

“I have only implemented a few of the ideas from the strategy and already won more business in one day than I can handle in a whole year! I wish I’d heard of it when I first started my business. Hugely valuable and challenged my thinking about how to build my brand. My market-leading brand is repositioned with even more credibility, attracting a lot more customers investing a higher price to work with me.”


Neil Ward – Forward Thinking Lettings

3. How It Works…

The B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme has been developed to easily fit around your other work or client commitments and it really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Complete The B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme

  2. Send Us Your Completed Exercise Work Sheets

  3. WE Run Through Them Thoroughly And Do Our Own Research

  4. Attend The 1 Day B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp To Turn Your Strategy Into ACTION

  5. What?… You Get EVEN MORE?YES!!

1. Complete the B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme

You complete the worksheets, designed to help us help you to build your brand, in each of the five B.R.A.N.D Accelerator stages.
These exercise worksheets are provided as downloadable documents in Adobe PDF format. They will open on a PC and Apple Mac with the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader software (to download this from the official Adobe site click here).

Enjoy and remember to post your learning’s and light bulb moments in the Group!

Warmest regards, Sammy & Miles

You can either print the exercise worksheet documents and write the answers on the dotted lines in the spaces provided, or open them in Adobe Acrobat Reader and type your answers on top of the dotted lines in the spaces provided.

Your answers will help us to help you get your brand identity, website, marketing plan and business growth strategy right first time, saving you time, lost money and wasted energy. The worksheets can be completed at your own pace and you could spend as little as one hour per day on them, should you wish. However, if you want to complete the programme faster (as many of our clients do), you could work through all five stages in 5 days. How fast you progress is entirely up to YOU!

“I was evaluating whether or not I could afford to spend such a significant amount on my business growth strategy. The value of what they did with me so far is worth at least three times what I paid! Now, I’m so refreshed and excited about my business since dedicating time to its next phase of growth. They gave me ideas that I’d never have come up with on my own. If you are thinking about investing in this programme, I highly recommend you just go for it.”


Lisa Pattenden - The Trauma Transformer

And here is some ADDED VALUE…

EVERY step of this programme is accompanied by videos, tips and advice on how to get the most out of every exercise and what we have done to grow our business. This will ignite other ideas for you that you have not thought of before and this will help us to help you when we work together on your strategy day – whether that is physically in person, or via Skype if you are outside of the UK.

You can watch the videos as many times as you like, at your own pace and in your own environment. This entire programme really has been designed to fit around YOU, enabling you to spend your time, money and energy on the things that really count.

2. Send us your completed exercise work sheets…

Once you have completed all of the programme worksheets, we will review them and thoroughly research your business. When it comes to your business growth strategy, we will leave no stone unturned!
The more detail you give us, the quicker you will move forward. We assess each answer thoroughly to ensure every angle of your business idea is covered and we look for any gaps you may have missed. We will also do our own research into YOUR competitors, YOUR price points, YOUR routes to YOUR customers and we’ll conduct greater analysis of who you are really competing with.WOW!

3. Do WE really assess your documents and research thoroughly?

Yes! WE will study your completed worksheets and assess all of your answers to ensure you get the best advice that is unique to you and your business.
Imagine for a moment, spending all that precious time on the B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme and thinking, “Have I done it right? Is this what Sammy and Miles are asking for?

This programme is so much more comprehensive and thought through than any other branding or marketing system available today because two experts, Sammy and Miles, have a total of of over 38 years experience between them, helping businesses just like yours, who during this programme, spend time on YOUR business with you!

4. Attend the 1 Day B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp

Turn your hard work into ACTION during a full one day strategic B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp. We work WITH YOU to deliver the results of our research and then start planning your strategy.

You will learn what you can do to fast-track your business results, how to build your brand to specifically attract YOUR ideal customers and become THE market leader of YOUR industry. During this session we will work together to formulate a strategy that you can either implement yourself, or we can introduce you to our network of experts in every area from branding to website design, video,marketing, SEO, online marketing, social media, copy-writing, etc…

“I’ve already had a couple of million downloads of our app! This programme has given me the focus and direction for the future. I joined the B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme because I was feeling a bit stuck and this programme left no area of our business unturned! Miles and Sammy were great in helping me to come up with the new name for my business, to create all of the product names and to guide my website developer too. Every customer facing element of my business has a completely consistent brand identity.”


Darren Marks, Award Winning Hypnotherapist

5. What?…EVEN MORE… Oh YES!! It doesn’t end there – We have Brand Builder Aftercare and support…

FINALLY the support doesn’t stop once you have completed the 5 step B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme. No. We continually create new content, guides, videos, tips, webinars and materials to help you build your brand and keep your marketing team up to date with what they need to be doing for your business. Every time a fellow B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator asks us a question, content is created to answer it for them and then shared with you within our closed Facebook community, so you are continually receiving access to the latest knowledge and expertise that is going to help you to grow your business. This content is created especially for B.R.A.N.D. Accelerators ONLY.

4. How you can EASILY afford to do this

It’s an investment and as you can see from the testimonials, it’s more a case of can you afford NOT to do it.

Of course, the real question is, are you prepared to invest in YOU and YOUR future? Improve your lifestyle? Increase your worth?

“Let’s Talk”

We want to make sure that this programme is 100% right for YOU and YOUR business before you invest in us and yourself. Our reputation and relationship with you is far more important to us than taking your money and not meeting your expectations. Let’s arrange a convenient time to discuss the programme and you can tell us how you would like it to work for you. To show you how serious we are about developing a long-lasting, and successful relationship with you, here is our guarantee:

If you invest in this programme and follow it exactly as we advise you to, we are confident (based on ALL our previous customers), that you will at least double your return on investment within a 6 month period.

98.5% of our customers see their ROI within 3 months.
The other 1.5% are about to launch!

Contact us here to find out how YOU can too!

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the result! One of our rules when we started this company was to do everything right from the start. After doing the full B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme, we knew we’d made the right decision to work with Miles and Sammy and came to understand how powerful building our brand will be. From all the research on our market, customers and competitors, to creating the strategy, colour psychology, the branding and liaising with our technical team to help us translate our brand online too, the concepts they came up with for our business were so powerful and thought provoking, that we’re really excited about building our brand and disrupting our market!”


Patrick Chella and Erik Van Eeten - Owners of Realty Africa

Contact us here to find out how YOU can too!

At How To Build A Brand we have developed the very best recipe for creating the most successful brand, web and marketing strategies in the UK.
We will do whatever we can to help you achieve your dreams and if we can make it happen quicker for you, we most certainly will!

Are you READY?


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