Some people have difficulties getting to their Brand Accelerator exercises so we've made a quick aid with screen shots for each step which may help to get you going again. If you are still having difficulties after reading this through please do get in touch so we can help, and possibly improve this guide!

Before we start, the Brand Accelerator program works very well on Firefox(mozilla), Chrome and Internet Explorer (and Edge). If you are using safari please change to any of the browsers listed here to avoid being sent around in circles when you try to log in! (Sorry for any inconvenience this causes).

For the screenshots we've replaced an ordinary mouse pointer with this to make it easier to see where we are pointing:


Where do I log in?

Clicking the gold coloured 'B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Login >>' just below the header at will take you to the login page.


Entering your login details on this page and clicking the login button will take you to the Brand Accelerator Welcome screen and will change the login link at the top of the page to the Brand Accelerator Menu Button.


How do I get to my current exercise?

Once logged in click on the orange 'Accelerator Menu' button near the top of the page to open the pop up menu.

As on this menu below - the section that you are currently working on is shown in green with the note 'in progress' beside it. Click on the green 'in progress' button on the menu to open the submenu.

On the submenu for the section, you can see again the step you are currently working on is green and has the note next to it 'in progress' any completed steps will be in orange and you can go back to look at them again at any time. Steps still to come are in grey so as to show you haven't reached these steps yet. Click on the green 'in progress' button and this will take you to your current exercise.


Where are the files to download for the exercise?

Once you are on the current exercise page (check back up this page if you aren't sure how to get there) scroll down the page until you reach the big red area labelled 'Your Downloads'. Below this label will be 2-5 files for you to download. Each file has an image for the type of file that it is and a label to say the file name. Click on the file names to open/download the files to your computer.


I've sent my completed exercise back in, how do I get the next one?

Again make sure you are on the page of your current exercise (see above steps if you aren't there yet) and scroll down to the bottom of the page just above the footer area. The black area on the page will have another orange button like the 'Accelerator Menu' button, this one is labelled 'Step Completed'. Click this button and it will take you to a new page --- sometimes the button is slow to activate as it has to send special code to our content server to activate your emails, so if it doesn't work on the first click, give it 30seconds or so and try clicking it again.


I've already clicked complete on an exercise and it won't let me get to the next page

Some people experience problems with their laptop/computer not making a fresh call for data when they click the complete button. The best thing to do is log out and back in again to force it to pull fresh data. To do this, go to the very top of the screen hover your mouse over your name until a dropdown appears and then select logout. This will take you back to the log in screen where you can re-log in. Then when you go to the Accelerator Menu it should show you that the next exercise is now 'in progress'. If it still shows the next exercise as grey go to the current green step and click the 'step completed' for that step again to get to the next one. You can also try using the refresh key 'f5' on your keyboard to force the page to refresh itself.
If this continues to be an issue please let us know so that we can possibly look into another solution for you.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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