Exercise 7 - Your Conversion Strategy

Welcome to your seventh exercise of the Nurture Your A.C.E.S. stage within the B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme!

7. Your Conversion Strategy

This exercise is about creating some of the branded customer facing touch points that you'll be using to convert strangers into lifetime friends once you have attracted them to your business.

During this exercise, you are going to create three things that build:
★ Instant rapport
★ Immediate trust and
★ Illuminate your credibility

Have fun!

Password: HTBAB

Whatever option you feel best suits you to complete this exercise (and all the other exercises in this programme), simply DOWNLOAD the approriate documents for you (below), and SEND BACK your completed exercise documents to [email protected]

Enjoy and remember to post your learning’s and light bulb moments in the Group!

Warmest regards, Sammy xx

7. Your Conversion Strategy

7. Your Conversion Strategy - Worksheet to Complete

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