Everyone should be concerned with personal branding. If you’re planning on building a corporate brand, it will help to have a personal brand to build upon. If you already have a corporate brand, improving your personal brand will benefit your business. And even if you have no plans of building a corporate brand, personal branding will help to open professional possibilities and further your career.

Chances are that you already have a personal brand in place. People know your name, they know what you do, they know how you do it…but is that personal brand as good as it can be? Do all the most pivotal people know about you? Is there more you can do to spread the word about yourself, and to attract your ideal career, client, or business partners?

There’s a lot you can do to better your personal branding, so let’s get started.

Personal Branding, New and Improved

Whether you’re just beginning to build your personal brand, or like most of us, working to improve your existing personal brand, use these tips to make it better all-around:

  • Create stand-out social media profiles. For starters, ensure that your LinkedIn profile is complete. Then, incorporate your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), or that thing that differentiates you from the others, throughout all social media pages. Participate in discussions. Post updates regularly and ensure that they are compelling, informative, and written as only you can. Include plenty of images and video. Share posts from other pages. Reply to comments promptly and comment on others’ posts.
  • Write a tagline to accompany your name. Write a tagline that not only describes what you do, but that incorporates the unique nature of what you offer. For instance, choose syntax investigator over professional editor. Include this wherever your name appears.
  • Write a professional bio. If you’re like most people, you have assumed that a bio should be a few paragraphs all about YOU. This is a mistake. Your bio, of course, needs to tell people about who you are, where you’ve come from, and what you do…but more than that, the overtone needs to be about what you will do for THEM. It should be rich with the benefits you’ll offer and the ways in which you can change lives.
  • Compose your “story” and make is accessible. As you build your personal brand, people will look to learn about where you come from and how you got started. Make this story available and shareable. It will further your personal branding efforts by humanising you and showing your values.personal-branding
  • Create unique personal business cards. All the best business cards (i.e. those that don’t end up in the dust bin) have a unique quality. They feel, look, sound, or smell different than the rest. They are interactive; or they are shocking in some manner. Make your business card unforgettable, and people will remember your name.
  • Write and memorise an elevator pitch. Opportunities to meet the right people don’t follow any type of schedule. Happenstance is the only predictable condition—and so, you’d be wise to be prepared at all times with a succinct description of who you are and what you do. This is your elevator pitch. It should last 30 seconds or less, and be utterly unforgettable. Memorise it. Practice it. Deliver it with poise, personality, and confidence.
  • Book speaking engagements. Yes, this means public speaking—and its power in the marketplace is so much stronger than any fear you may have about taking the podium. Imparting your unique brand of knowledge and getting in touch with people, in person, will establish you as an expert and work to garner the trust necessary for amassing support. Feeling under-confident? Get a coach. You’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of.
  • Write a book. There isn’t a bio, skills listing, résumé, CV, or elevator pitch that exists that cannot benefit from the title “published author.” Write about what you know best. Hire a ghost writer and literary agent if the task is too demanding. Then, promote the book at speaking engagements, networking events, and online.
  • Write a blog. You may have heard that a blog on your website will appeal to Google’s sensibilities—that the fresh content will boost your search engine rankings. This is so true; however, the benefits do not end there. When you write a blog (or hire a ghost writer to do so), you will reinforce your unique, branded voice within the marketplace whilst building trust, reputation, and expert status. When you write a blog post, share it on your social media channels for the multiplication of these benefits.
  • Write articles for submission. Whether it’s in a magazine, an online article directory, another’s blog, or a newspaper, an article written by you (that imparts valuable knowledge in your own, unique language) will give new energy to all your personal branding efforts.
  • Purchase your domain name. Conduct a search of internet domains (URLs), and if your name is available, buy it in every available extension. Even if you don’t use it, this will ensure that no one else can.

This really is just the beginning of how you can improve your personal branding. Get started today, and then check out our B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp—a full day, fully immersive branding experience that will not only teach you how to improve your personal branding, it will teach you to improve EVERYTHING about your branding operations. Join me and Sammy at our next boot camp by registering here. Seats fill quickly, so don’t delay.

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