You’re a British business owner with an opinion on Brexit. You’re not alone. Even now that the “taking sides” pre-vote period has expired, there are still plenty of arguments firing about what’s next, who’s to blame, how this will affect the global economy, the fate of the entire EU…and through it all, you’ve had a decision to make: To engage in the argument or to get moving with polishing your brand for presentation to the world.

If you haven’t yet considered that, here it is:

Because you are no longer bound by the regulations of the EU, you have a level of trade independence that makes you a global brand.

Are you still thinking about that Brexit argument? Or are you now beginning to see the broad horizon of possibilities for your brand?

The majority of your competition is distracted right now. It’s time for you to move, because the businesses that act now are going to most greatly benefit from this massive opportunity. The world is watching the Brits. Not only are they watching the drama unfold, they are wondering what British companies (who until last week only traded under the umbrella of the EU) have to offer that they haven’t yet experienced. There is a rapt audience just waiting to hear about your brand, and how it can make their lives simpler, richer…better.

Just imagine for a moment what it will mean to take your brand to a bigger stage. Maybe you have already connected with ideal customers in the UK; however, how many more do you think exist outside that realm? What if you were never really able to connect? Maybe the connections that will make your brand brilliant are in Canada, or The U.S., or Ireland or Germany.

They are also your competitor’s ideal customers. So who will get to them first?

The possibilities of adopting this #BrandBritain way of thinking are boundless…and unique to every brand. However, there are some universal truths that go along with jumping on this global opportunity now:

  • Never again will you have to under-charge and over-deliver. With a broader pool to fish from, you will have greater opportunities to find your ideal clients—the ones who will gladly pay you what you’re worth.
  • No more contracting with clients who are not ideal for your brand. We’ve all done it at some point: worked with customers who don’t value our brand, and therefore do not value what we put forth for them. A global audience gives your brand better opportunities to find those people who will think your brand is the best thing since sliced…gold.
  • No more failed marketing. There is a significant possibility that your ideal clients are not in Britain. If you have been marketing to your ideal clients, whilst putting forth your brand’s genuine values, and have made little headway, you may be stuck in the wrong demographic.
  • No more reining in your potential. If you have ever felt that your brand could be so much more, if you’ve ever wondered how spectacular your brand could be if only it had a more diverse audience, or if you’ve ever wondered how non-Brits would react to the British brilliance you’ve infused into your brand...then this is your chance to unleash and discover your full potential. Taking your brand to a global (or expanded) audience is the perfect way to let your brand be as big as it wants to be. And when you nurture brand growth with targeted strategy, you may be surprised at the gems you’ll find, hidden beneath all the reins that were tying up your brand.
  • No more working every waking hour. Have you ever noticed that when you’re working for ideal clients (the ones who value what you do and pay you what you’re worth) you work less and enjoy life more? When you expand your brand and reach out to potential clients in other countries, this phenomenon will compound. You will find that you not only enjoy working again, you will spend less time achieving more and have more free time for recreation.
  • No more running out of money before the end of the month. More ideal clients means more income with less time investment. With an unrestricted audience, the tree from which you pick those cherries will be large enough to protect you from storms. Work only with those clients who are happy to pay you generously. Monopolise on your new international status…and earn a payday that befits the “best in the world.”

Are you ready to join the Brand Britain movement? If you’re ready, the excitement of moving forward has already overshadowed any angst over Brexit arguments that will neither influence nor change the current state of affairs.


We invite you to learn more, collaborate with other British entrepreneurs and business owners, innovate without restrictions, and champion your brand in a bigger, global way by joining the #BrandBritain movement. The world is watching and waiting for British brands to step up and bring something fresh to every industry.

Is your brand the brand that’s missing in the world? Do you have the drive and the desire to be a global expert and industry leader? Well, then your brand will need to be in its best shape and ready for all that’s possible! Get started by joining our Facebook community, Brand Britain. There, you will meet others who are ready to collaborate, innovate and champion their brands in this ever-expanding global marketplace.

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