Staying focussed on your corporate branding strategy: It’s one of those things that’s “easier said than done.” However, you should continually strive for that focus. Why? Because when your corporate branding strategy is zeroed in on a target audience, on your ideal client, on a declared goal…then you are well on your way to gaining the consumer trust necessary for building a brilliant brand.

Why is focus on your corporate branding strategy necessary for gaining trust? When a client (or potential client) doesn’t get a sense of consistency in everything your brand does, he or she may begin to think your brand is unreliable, and that your expertise is not concentrated. This equates to a lack of trust—and therefore, a lack of brand patronage and loyalty.

Look, we know how easy it can be to slip into the expanded-focus trap. You want to boost profits, you want to expand your audience, you want to extend your brand’s appeal…and so, you unwittingly compromise your brand’s focus by stretching to cover areas that may not be consistent with its mission, vision, and values. This could damage your brand—but only if left unchecked.

Today, we’re sharing a checklist for ensuring that your brand is maintaining focus on its corporate branding strategy, so you can feel the drift early, and then steer it back on track before your trustworthiness is damaged.

Maintain Focus on your Corporate Branding Strategy, with a Focussed Counter-Steer


This is going to take some practice; some introspection and some honesty with yourself. Apply these checklist items to your daily branding activities, to ensure that everything you do aligns with your corporate branding strategy. And if you feel the veer, get on the steer.

  • Cockeyed Offers: If you find yourself vying for the attention of a new group of people, and throwing out offers to bait them, you may be suffering from Cockeyed Offer Syndrome. Just for a minute, forget about how these prospective clients may see your offers, and look at them through the eyes of your loyal clients. Are they going to question your intentions? Or think that the brand they love is no longer the brand they love? Always think about the next big thing, but never put prospects before loyalty.
  • Incontinent Messages: If you extracted every marketing campaign and every consumer communication from your brand, shuffled them with the competitions’, and drew them from a hat, would it be obvious which messages belong to your brand? If not, then you’re losing focus on your mission, vision, and values. Review your corporate branding strategy regularly (at least once a week) to maintain focus on your brand message, and your marketing campaigns will reflect your intense, brand-building focus.
  • Frantic Selling: Are you throwing out low-ball offers just to increase sales volume? Are shipping costs eating up your profits? Are you working harder than you should be…without enjoying the lifestyle of your dreams? Well, then you may be losing Profit Focus. You see, if you’re targeting the right people with the right messages, you will, by default, work smarter rather than harder. Back up and de-focus from volume. Instead, focus on profit. Your brand will be all-around better for it.
  • Crap-Shoot Specials: Is your brand offering a different promotion every week? In an attempt to find something…anything…that works? If so, you are losing focus, fast. Think of it this way: if you conduct the exhaustive market research necessary for creating a brand that people want, you will inherently know what the people want. Don’t cut corners in the research department. In the end, you’ll see that it comes with a built-in focus factor and saves you loads of time in the long-run.
  • Dated Products and Services: When your brand is focussed on its clients’ needs, then the products and services it offers will change as years go by. This is inevitable. Always remember that your brand exists not to deliver a particular product or service, but to solve a particular problem with whatever product or service works best for your ideal client.
  • When Profit vs. Effort: Are you investing your largest effort in the aspect of your business that brings in the highest profit margin? If not, then your focus is slipping. This is common sense; however, many of us become reluctant to outsource and delegate, thinking that we must “suffer for our brand” by working the hardest on trying to make ourselves love to do the things we dislike. Stop this. It robs focus from the things you love—which also hold the greatest potential for bringing success.

Your brand needs to lend a feeling of dependability. Customers need to know what to expect when they open your front door, your website, your social media pages…or a conversation with you. When you operate with focussed consistency, you will gain respect and trust for your brand.

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