You hear the term brand insights regularly, and you’re pretty sure you know what it means…and yet, on second thought, maybe you’re not so sure after all.

Does it refer to simple measurements and unearthed facts? Or is it more about strategic encounters with truth, as seen through the eyes of your brand advocates and ideal customers?

If you guessed the latter, you’re right…

and you’re about to learn more about how to find and recognise brand insights, as well as how to put them to work to build your brand.

A Brand Insight: What is it?

Let’s clear this up first:  A brand insight is not a simple fact. That would be too easy; too obvious; too simple for the competition to find and put to use. Instead, a brand insight requires a bit more thought and application…and a deeper understanding of your audience, what they need and how your brand is planning on delivering it to them.


Here are a few examples of things that would be considered brand insights.

  • A truth that is not obvious, and yet is so customary that people who share it feel kinship when they learn of it. This is similar to the ways in which comedians entertain by stating the not-so-obvious, yet familiar-to-everyone. It becomes a widespread understanding…only after it’s revealed and enjoyed in an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment.
  • When a piece of information provides clarity in a complicated circumstance, it qualifies as an insight. A shorter way for students to do ‘long division’ would be widely used, highly appreciated and largely credited to the originator.
  • When something comes into awareness, and then changes the way a process is carried out or otherwise revolutionises a market, sector or industry, it is an insight. The first person to discover that the biggest frustration with banking was short hours of operation uncovered an important insight in that industry. This transformed the market when banks started using automated tellers, opening earlier and staying open later.
  • If a piece of information works to change minds where antiquated notions had once persisted, it can be called an insight. There was a time when people believed that hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities were reserved for men. The brands that recognised a desire for these things among a female demographic not only changed the availability, size and comfort of implements, they changed the way everyone views outdoorsmen.
  • And finally, when something is discovered that explains why something happens, or why people do things, it is an insight. When a weight loss company discovered the psychological reasons people overeat, they not only had what they needed to offer more than a diet, they helped people to understand the root of the problem…so lives could be changed and accolades could be given to that flagship brand.

How to Build your Brand with Insights

When you discover a brand insight, it’s your job to communicate that information to your target audience. It’s important that you avoid presenting it in a manner that tastes like a plate of dry facts, and to instead present it in a way that shows your ideal customers how they can use it to enact real change in their own lives.

For this reason, I always suggest framing the insight with relevance, for direct use by your brand’s specific audience members. You know their problems. You know what emotions they’re experiencing now, and what emotions they wish to experience. Give them insights that will help them to understand what they’re feeling, that will make their goals easier to achieve, or that will help them to better communicate the stories of their journeys to others, for example.

Because you know your ideal customer better than anyone, you have a unique advantage in identifying and applying the insights that will…

  • inspire them to want to act
  • prove that you know what they need and want
  • make significant changes in their lives
  • demonstrate your expertise
  • exhibit your empathy for your ideal customer
  • prove that you want to enact positive change
  • change the way your ideal customer views your brand and/or your industry

Insights, as packaged and delivered in your unique brand’s package, and for your unique customers, will work to prove that you’re not only an expert in your field and in your customer, but that you are trustworthy and deserving of your target audience’s attention.

Are you looking for unique ideas for finding and delivering insights to your brand’s audience? Or do you have fascinating insights that you know your ideal customers can use, but aren’t sure how to package them as a product, gift or other offering? These are all types of things we talk about in the Brand Builders Club, a group filled with freedom-focussed entrepreneurs who are building their purpose-driven brands. Click here to learn more and to join.

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