Why do your brand’s regular customers keep coming back? What is fuelling your repeat sales?

If your answer is something like price or convenience, there’s trouble ahead.

The thing that magnetically attracts your ideal customers to your brand should never be something that can be easily duplicated by your competition. They can drop their prices, too. They can make their product more readily available, too. They can add delivery services or extend their business hours.

However, what they can never do is duplicate what it is about YOU that makes both you and your brand unique. You’ve probably heard that there’s no one quite like you. No truer words have been spoken, and if you use what’s unique about you to power your brand, your brand will be untouchable.

At the core of that untouchability is Brand Loyalty. When brand loyalty exists among a group of consumers, they will bypass conveniences and price points for deeper, more meaningful reasons for doing business with your brand. They will go out of their ways to buy your products. They will pay more. They will take the time to recommend your product…not only because they believe in it but because they want others to know that they’re “in a relationship” with your brand.

So what kinds of things contribute to the building of brand loyalty?

  • Experience: For some consumers, simply making a purchase isn’t fulfilling enough. They want an unforgettable experience to go along with it. If this describes your ideal customer, then make it memorable.
  • Exclusiveness: Your brand is like a private club, into which customers are initiated by multiple purchases. There may be a secret, unwritten menu, difficult-to-pronounce words or a mysterious method built into the sales process. Once people take the time to learn about these clandestine procedures, they will feel invested. Those who haven’t yet learned will want to.
  • Benefits: When brand loyalty comes with benefits that feel valuable, clients feel appreciated and want to continue the give-and-take.
  • Uniqueness: No one else makes the product, offers the service…or does it in quite the same way as you do it.
  • Emotional Connection: When you continually evoke the emotions that your people deem as enjoyable or necessary, they will feel indebted to your brand. They may even feel a sort of addiction to it…because they love to experience the emotion it arouses.
  • Status: If “belonging” to your brand comes with a unique boost in social standing or professional position, then your ideal client will see no reason to do business with the competition.


If you’ve been calculating your client base’s level of brand loyalty based strictly on sales, you could be missing something…something detrimental enough to bring your whole brand crashing to the ground, at the feet of your competitors.

How can you keep this from happening?

Know the motivations of your ideal clients. Know their preferences. Know what they crave and what they’re not getting from other brands.

Then take what you learn, put it together with your WHY (the reason you want to be in business, the way in which you want to make a difference) and create something that cannot be duplicated. This is an exercise in honesty with yourself. You will go into this with beliefs about your ideal client. Many of them will be proven wrong with data. Trust the data. Invest in it, remembering that consumers do not change according to what we believe they should want; they want what they want and the brand that provides it will win.

Avoid relying on people staying with your brand just because it’s easy; anyone can come along and make the process even easier. Really, every competitor is just one step away from that.

Instead, lean on the options listed above, as well as on your own understanding about what is unique and different about you and what your ideal client desires above all. What you’ll create is something untouchable…something that sparks interest and produces brand loyalty.

Have you been having trouble digging into what makes you (and your brand) unique? Here’s the truth: you only know what you know, and your life is often too familiar to you to seem unique. It can help to have an outside perspective from a professional who’s looking in and observing, much like your ideal client would.

If you’re really serious about moving full-steam ahead, look into our B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator programme. In it, the branding experts at How to Build a Brand walk with you through the brand-building process, resulting in things like high-value clients, high brand visibility and multiplied profits. Why waste another day? Let’s get started.

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