The faceless corporate is a thing of the past. In the 21st century, it’s imperative for businesses to allow the faces of their people to shine through. Likewise, blanket marketing is fading out and making way for personalised, one-on-one human interactions—a significant aspect of branding.

Putting the Personal Connection Back in Branding

Branding is less about what you tell the world, and more about what the world says about you. It’s about the impressions you create and how those impressions take flight to construct your reputation.

On a fundamental level, branding is about people and how you interact with them. Here are some guidelines that How to Build a Brand’s branding professionals always recommend whilst building a brand:

  • Get inside your target audience’s heads. Know what worries them, what they fear, what intrigues them, and what excites them. Build relationships with a curiosity that will result in a deep understanding of the people you want to reach. Don’t change your message to appeal to everyone; instead, focus your message so that you’ll feel like the perfect fit to the right people.
  • Treat and respect people as associates…as equals. Approach every interaction as a collaborative effort in which each party has plenty to offer. Listen intently and respect your clients’ wishes, as well as any qualms they might have.
  • Move forward with your loyal customers. As their needs multiply, grow to meet those needs. This will establish a “team” feeling and will solidify clients’ emotional investments in you—increasing brand loyalty. Even better, anticipate needs that will arise (which should be doable if you understand your clients well enough) and create solutions that will be ready-to-go when necessary.
  • Conduct some serious introspection into your own values. Naming your values and making them evident in everything you do will attract those who share those values – meaning that what’s important to you will be important to them (and vice-versa).
  • Interact with consumers regularly. This means meeting with people in person, making contact by phone, making yourself available as needs arise, offering seminars, reaching out with community events…and of course, social media.
  • Make your passion for what you do evident. When your excitement for your craft oozes from every pore and pervades every interaction, it will be difficult for people not to participate.
  • Hire people who understand your clientele and who are also passionate about your business. When people bear witness to this type of unity within an organisation, it compounds their faith in its performance and spurs them to want to be a part of the tight society you have created.


  • Deliver exceptional service in your actions and you won’t have to shout about “customer service” at every turn. Certainly, you’ve heard that “actions speak louder than words.” This is as true of branding as it is of life. Tell them, but more importantly, show them.

Building a brand is all about people. Connect. Listen. Learn.

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