How does it feel when you earn money working with your ideal customer?

Does the money seem easy? And do you feel like the customer actually wants to pay you?

How about when a customer isn't ideal…either because they don't appreciate what you do, or your skillset doesn't exactly match what they need?

Do you feel like every pound or dollar isn't enough to cover the time, effort and headaches you're investing? Do you feel like you're being paid grudgingly, without gratitude or appreciation for the quality of your work?

Here's something you may have never considered:

The easiest money you'll earn will lead to the best referrals and the most recurring business.


Are you surprised by this?

Because you've always believed that the harder you work, and the more you struggle, the bigger the payoff would be?

Well, not everything has to be harder to be better.

In fact, when it comes to turning a profit for your business, the fewer complications you tolerate, the better the financial outcome will be.

Interested in learning more?

Great – let's go!

Find the Easy Money, Build the Best Business Relationships

Business relationships aren't that different to personal relationships: The easiest, most care-free, enjoyable connections are the ones that yield the most benefit.

Allow me to create a scenario for you:

Customer #1 is looking for something 'similar' to what you do, and they've convinced you (and you've convinced yourself) that it can't be that difficult. You'll give it a shot. You'll work hard and long enough to make it great. You believe the customer will see the effort you're putting into the project, and they will appreciate all that hard work. You'll learn to do something new, even if it's not something you're truly interested in doing.

Customer #2 is suffering with the exact problem you’re skilled in solving. You understand how he's feeling and just what he needs to get started on the road to relief and a better life. You're going to bring your passion and competence to the project, feeling fully confident that when the two of you connect, there's going to be some major long-term chemistry.

For the sake of continuity, we'll call your deliverable a 'project.' It could be a product, a service, or any item you've created as part of your brand.

You start both projects and here's what you find:

  • Customer #1 is always on the phone with you, double-checking your work and doubting that what you're prescribing is right for him.
  • Customer #2 gives you the space to work. He remembers how well you understood him and his problem from the onset, and he trusts you.
  • For every hour you spend on Customer #2, Customer #1 takes three hours of your time.
  • Customer #1 isn't satisfied with the final product. He wants it re-done, but isn't quite sure what he wants you to change.
  • Customer #2 is over-the-moon happy with what you've delivered to him.
  • Customer #1 complains about the final charges and asks for a discount because he had to 'oversee the project.'
  • Customer #2 sends the payment right out…and then writes a glowing five-star review on your business's Facebook page.
  • Customer #1 still hasn't sent that payment, and you have to spend time every week pursuing your money.
  • Customer #1 publishes a scathing one-star review, and despite the fact that you've attempted to rectify the situation, he refuses to respond.

Which type of money do you want flowing into your business? The kind that's a pleasure to earn (because you're doing what you love with people you like working with), or the kind that feels like an insult to all the effort you've exerted once you receive it from reluctant one-time customers?

Until now, you've probably only thought about how much profit you're earning—not what type of profit you're earning.

Here's how you can move forward with earning that 'easy money':

  • Decide who your ideal customer is. Create an ideal customer profile, complete with a description of their problem (that you'll solve); demographics like age, gender and career status; their needs and preferences; and the best places to make quality contact with them.
  • Avoid taking on tasks that don't fit your expertise. If you want to branch out by expanding your brand's offerings, pursue education in that area before you acquire new clients needing that service. You'll not only be better prepared to meet the needs of that new demographic, you'll be able to decide for yourself if you're going to enjoy that line of work…before it's too late.
  • Build lasting relationships with loyal, ideal customers so they'll bring more people like themselves to your brand.

Too many businesses assume that their dream clients are out of reach, and so, they settle for less. They end up working harder than they have to for every pound or dollar…and ultimately end each day disappointed and unfulfilled.

Don't be that business owner. Instead, be the one who knows precisely what type of customer your brand will serve and then go out and get those customers. Fill your business's coffers with easy money—so you can build the brand you want to see in the world.

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