You're just starting to build your business and your brand.

You have an idea about what you want to do; however, you're not all that clear on your vision and mission, whom you want to help, how you're going to help them or how you want to package your brand.

And come to think about it, you're not even that sure about what you want to do.

This a confusing time, and it's important that you understand you're not alone.

Every entrepreneur and start-up owner feels lost at times, and very few of them realise just how much help and support is available to them.

Today, I'm talking about the state of mind I'd like you to develop as you move forward with building your new brand. Too often, I see intelligent, talented people overlooking their richest assets, serving the wrong people, or giving the right people all the wrong things.

That's why I've compiled a list of things that can help you to get your head straight whilst you're building your brand…and your confidence.

Let's get started.

Learning to Believe in yourself, and your Start-Up

It can be difficult to move forward when you don't know where you're going…or if you have so many ideas about where you think you should be going that you're losing focus and confidence at every turn.

Here are a few of the things that have helped me to get clear on my past and present businesses, even when I was feeling skeptical about my own abilities and purpose. I think they'll help you too.

  • Focus on Whom you Need to Help. start-upWho is your ideal customer? You've heard this question before, and you're still searching…wondering who will most fervently want and need your product. And yet, you're indecisive. Here's what I suggest: Because you have arrived where you are, with the solution you're offering, you have the best insight into who your ideal customer is. Why? Because, most likely, your ideal customer is your former self; you before you discovered the answer or the method that changed your life. Think about it in this manner, and you're more likely to [correctly] identify your ideal customer.
  • Give yourself the Credit you Deserve. I know you. You have discounted your qualifications more than a few times. Maybe you don't have a degree...or you only have a Bachelor's degree and you think you need a Master's. Maybe you have a background that differs from others in the industry. Maybe you freeze when people ask you about your past, or how you're qualified. Right now is the time to dispose of that way of thinking, because you are a unique business owner with a unique offering…and the only way to legitimately arrive at that result is to have travelled along a unique path.
  • Use Past Experiences. In many industries, past experiences are far more valuable than any level of education. When you have endured what your ideal customer is currently enduring, you have empathy that others who are simply 'educated' can't match. Stop discounting the value of this. Wear it like a badge. Use it to identify with your ideal customers, who are likely going through similar things right now.
  • Know Why you Care. This is what will ultimately set you apart from the competition. Even if you're all delivering similar products, you will all be doing it for different reasons…and the motives of each brand will colour all procedures and come shining through to your audiences. Now is the time to ask Why?. What is motivating you? What has caused you to want to make a difference? What is your desired outcome? How do you want to be viewed by those you have helped? This is will become your inspiration, your motivation, your reason and your ultimate determination of success.
  • Focus on Service. Can you imagine jumping into a pool to save a drowning child and then being criticised for not doing it correctly? Or in the most efficient manner? Or quickly enough? Even though the child's life was spared? Here's the point: When you serve people to the best of your ability, in the best way you see fit, you and your brand will benefit because you are delivering a product in your own unique and effective way. You can only mess this up if you focus on selling instead of serving. Maintain laser focus on serving, and your brand will win.

I hope these little gems will help you to build your own confidence in your start-up and move forward knowing that if you have all the right motivations, you will accomplish what you're aiming for.

Your vision and mission don't even have to be in place. You can still give yourself the go-ahead and permission to serve. Know who your ideal customer is, why you want to help them, and you will be able to make preliminary decisions that will move you toward your ultimate goals…even if you're not yet certain what they will be.

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