If you’re feeling that enough of the right people aren’t aware of your brand, then it could be suffering from a brand awareness deficit. You’re not alone. We’ve had countless business owners come to us with the question How can I create brand awareness?

Brand awareness can be defined as market recognition of a brand by its target audience. Typically, goals include making key people aware of a brand’s existence, availability and purpose. When this has been accomplished, a brand can be said to have “brand awareness.” Without brand awareness, a brand can never reach its full potential.

Creating brand awareness is especially critical for new brands that need to build visibility in order to compete in their niches. If you feel that your brand could benefit from more of that visibility, read on.

Techniques for Building Brand Awareness

In order for your brand to experience any level of success, its identity must become recognisable. That requires two things:

  1. that your brand identity is memorable.
  2. that your brand identity is visible

Today, we’re concentrating on number two (i.e. how to increase brand awareness).

There are number of ways to accomplish this, and no single method will work on its own. Digest all the methods on this list, and then work to decide which ones will reach the people most important to the building of your brand:

  • Publish Content: Content is king—that’s for sure. And when content is relevant, informative and valuable, it can help you to rule the market. Ensure that all content on your own website and blog is of superior quality, and then seek out opportunities to guest blog on other sites that attract the types of people who will be interested in your brand. Prove your expert status by offering information they can use.
  • Social Media: This isn’t about creating a social media page on every channel…for the sole purpose of “saying you have them.” Instead, it’s about studying the behaviour of your target audience members and choosing a few social media places where they choose to hang out and interact. And when you connect with them, engage them by offering relevant information that they see as valuable. Offer opportunities to continue the conversation, whilst avoiding “sales speak.”
  • Social Media Contests: This can be of a “like and share this post” nature. It can also be along the lines of “help us name our next product.” Or maybe “submit your selfies with our product for a chance to win.” No matter how you choose to move forward, ensure that it’s something that caters to your ideal customer’s preferences. Also think about creating contests that your target audience members will want to share with family and friends.brand-awareness
  • Create Something Viral: In reality, no one can predict what will “go viral.” You can make it more likely, though. Stir up some controversy, create (or use) a unique and compelling character, take stance on a hot topic…all whilst staying true to your corporate values.

This is just the beginning. There are many more ways you can create brand awareness, and we’re sharing those in the next blog. So stay tuned for that. And in the meantime, check out our One-Day B.R.A.N.D. Kick Starter Online Masterclass, which is a great way to learn how to make your brand more visible across all applicable channels. Register here.

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