In a little more than a month, 2016 will be coming to an end. You’re looking ahead to 2017, and thinking about how your branding and marketing strategies will look after you start anew.

There’s no use doing too much right now, right? Consumers are focussed on holiday spending and aren’t paying attention to any messages except those surrounding the newest Pokémon product and ways to cut caloric intake for the holidays…

Wait. Are you sure?

There is a perception among marketers that the end of every year is little more than a time to gear up for the next…a time to wrap it all up and switch gears.


My experience proves otherwise.

Think about it this way: This season is the time when people’s minds are most open to two things, both of which are very important to the building of your brand:

  1. Change
  2. Spending

They’ve already started to think about their New Year’s Resolutions: losing weight, saving money, creating something new, strengthening a weakness, adopting a new outlook.

They will need help with those resolutions, and the brand that shows up on January 2nd will be too late.

They’re also in a spending mindset. Some have been saving money all year. Others have thrown credit card discipline to the wind, and are already planning to tighten the belt and pay those balances off in 2017.

Can you see the opportunity here?

Can you see how your ideal customers would be ready to spend and ready to change?

Good. That means NOW is the time to get moving to create a marketing message that reaches those people with that mindset. I would suggest getting it out there before the end of November, because when the calendar says December, minds will have already fully shifted to Spending and Change modes.

Let’s look at how your brand can be there, set and ready for that heightened interest.

How Brand Builders Monopolise December Opportunities

As we move toward this [new for you] marketing concept, I want you to adopt this statement as truth:

December is for Growth

I know, it sounds strange right now. You may have to repeat that a few times, roll it over in your mind and come to accept it…and eventually rely upon it.

Here are some tips for making it a reality for your branding and marketing strategies:

  • Know how your ideal customers are using their holiday free time. December is a busy month; however, the busy days are countered by days filled with more free time than consumers are accustomed to. There’s time off work, time spent with family…and habits not only change from regular routines, those habits have stayed largely the same in December 2014, 2015, 2016…and the pattern is likely to continue. This will help you to determine the best times to vie for consumers’ attention (i.e. when they’re perusing social media with their mobile phones whilst on the train, headed to Aunt Betty’s house for Christmas dinner).
  • Understand that your ideal customer is more likely to commit to making a life or business change in December. Time is spent with the ones they love. They’re in the giving spirit. They know cues are coming for change. This all puts them in the right mindset for saying YES to your brand’s offer. [Indirectly] acknowledge this openness in your message and support their commitment to change.
  • Focus on the message of change. People are already thinking about change, so if you include that principle in your marketing message, it will resonate with them and they will immediately feel a kinship with your brand, what it stands for and what it promises to deliver.
  • Know that everyone looks ahead to the next month, the next year, the next big thing. It’s human nature to look ahead and think the next thing coming up will be better than the one we’re in. December offers a unique opportunity for you because there’s both a new month and a new year coming up. Take advantage of this “looking ahead” mindset and build an optimistic message around your brand’s benefits.
  • marketing-strategiesAppeal to the procrastinating resolver. Some people will actually wait until January 1st to make their resolutions. Those consumers will search their mind banks for the brands that have been in front of them, with relevant messages, over the past month. Make your brand one of those brands throughout the month of December; stay top-of-mind so that when the need arises, your brand will be the no-brainer choice.

As you may have deducted, December is a month filled with opportunity. Will your brand take advantage of that opportunity? Or will it relax whilst the competition sprints ahead?

If your interest in branding and marketing strategies has been piqued, or if you’re ready to get serious about what you can do to make your brand more credible, visible and profitable, then I urge you to look into the B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamps. These branding experiences are full-day, fully immersive seminars filled with the things I’ve learnt…as well as the three strategies we’ve used to take our business from £0 to £18,000 in just 12 weeks.

Join me, and watch your brand take flight.

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