Brands are popping up all over, and many of them are a lot like yours. Most will build a brand strategy based on the competition, and will therefore develop their brand as a sort of off-coloured clone. Some will attempt to ‘invent’ something that has never been thought or heard of—and forget to meet consumer needs.

Creating a unique brand is your best chance of building a brilliant brand that grabs the attention of all the right people. Now, that doesn’t mean ‘inventing’ something. It means filling a need in a way that hasn’t yet been tried. It means solving a problem that has yet to be solved. And it means that however you do it, make sure you stand out from the competition in at least one major way.

With all that said, your brand packaging is often the first touchpoint for your consumers. It should represent your unique brand in a way that is not only genuine, but that is attention-grabbing and memorable.

Unique Brand Packaging: To Build your Brand

Mulling over How to Create a Unique Brand Package is rarely enough to come up with something brilliant. Instead, it helps to have a bit of inspiration.

Here are some ideas for getting started on your path to creating your unique brand packaging:

  • Buck the System: If all of your competitors are packaging their products in cellophane, then maybe yours should be packaged in brown paper. If you find that consumers are buying two of any given competitor items, then offer a larger package. If their packaging is boring, make your fun. If theirs is loud and bold, go for a simplistic design (if that aligns with your brand design). These are all some bound-off points for getting started with thinking in a way that is unique to your competitor. Remember this is about grabbing attention by doing something different—not by getting in a battle over who can outdo whom.
  • Choose a Scent: The sense of smell is probably the most overlooked of all the senses when it comes to unique brand packaging. Remember that if you wish to sell anything with any level of success, you must tap into your ideal client’s emotional centres, triggering the emotions that will push them toward your brand (because your brand either elevates that positive emotion or alleviates that negative one). This is important because smell is processed by the brain’s limbic system—the same area that processes emotion—and this explains why smell is the sense that’s most responsible for memory recall. So do your research. Figure out what emotion will drive consumers to your brand, and then trigger that emotion with a scent that is psychologically proven to stir that emotion. Not only will your brand packaging be unique, it will draw people toward it for reasons they may not be able to explain.
  • Make a Sound: Think sound isn’t important in packaging? Think about how it sounds when someone opens a bag of potato crisps. Or a candy bar. Or a can of beer. Are you salivating yet? Think about how your product will sound as someone lifts it from a shelf, or how it will sound as they tear the paper from it…right before they eat it, use it or otherwise enjoy it.
  • Create a Unique Touch: What’s the texture of your unique brand’s packaging? It is rough or smooth? Heavy or thin? Is the logo raised? Does it feel useful beyond its packaging duties, or does it scream “Recycle Me?” Remember that most customers will hold a product in their hands whilst deciding whether to buy it. What will your prospective customers experience?
  • Customise Visuals: This one might seem pretty obvious; however, there’s a lot you can accomplish with packaging that isn’t just thrown together with a logo, but that is strategically designed to keep the attention of your target audience. How large will your logo be? What background colour best suits your brand and best displays that logo? On how many surfaces will print appear? And what will you do with that space—will it all be filled with perfunctory information, or will you include interesting facts or your brand story? Will there be lots of white space because your brand message is about simplicity? Get creative here; make it fun, calming, entertaining or informative for consumers, because the longer it keeps their attention in the store, the more likely they are to take it home.
  • Make it Interactive: It is possible for your packaging to be repurposed? Can it be fun, or interesting enough to share after it’s served its primary purpose? Think hard about this, because the longer your packaging sticks around, the more chances there are of all the right people experiencing and remembering it. Who are ‘all the right people?’ They’re not just the people who will buy your product once, they’re the people who will be moved to save the packaging and share it with their friends (so make your interactive packaging something that appeals specifically to them).

Your packaging is the always-present representative for your unique brand. When you’re not there to tout the benefits of your brand, it’s on the job. When you can’t be present to elicit the emotions necessary for making conversions, your packaging should be able to do that for you.

If you’re intending to create or market a normal, standard brand, you may not have a brand a year from now. In order to survive (and thrive), your brand must stand out from the competition. There is no other way.

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