For some of us, it started in secondary school. We wanted to be accepted, so we watered-down our personalities; took the edge off so that we wouldn’t be excluded. We tried to be pleasing to everyone…or at least to the majority. And if we were successful, we made some friends. But here’s the thing: we didn’t stand out. We didn’t feel free to be our eccentric selves. And we didn’t establish any deep, meaningful relationships. It all felt kind of shallow.

The same principle applies to focussing your brand. The temptation will be to appeal to the masses, when in fact, a more effective strategy is to laser-focus your brand’s message so that it will not only appeal to a particular group, but magnetise your brand to that group.

The allure of niche brands is in their uniqueness; however, there’s more. It’s often about their attention to a small group of people, making those people feel like part of an exclusive group.

Let’s talk about how you can focus your brand so it’s more appealing to the people who matter most to its success.

The Appeal of a Focussed, Specialty Brand

It’s almost too dynamic to explain with words: The feeling you’ll get the first time after you decide to specialise and then find the client who needs exactly what you’re offering. It’s magical. You’ll wonder why you waited so long. You’ll see the skies open and the heavens will sing.

Well, it might not be that dramatic. But it will be good.

Here are just a few of the advantages that specialty brands enjoy:

  • It’s faster and easier to gain expert status when you’re concentrated on making one specific contribution.
  • Partnerships are easier to create when you offer a product or service that can be complementary, rather than competitive, to other brands.
  • Focussed brands have more focussed operations, making their systems more efficient and effective.
  • Niche brands (i.e. rare breeds) can charge more for their services, because there are no closely related competitors with which to engage in price wars.
  • Marketing is easier. Your products and audience are already specific, making your messages more likely to be clear and succinct.

Let’s talk about how you can make the move to becoming that focussed, specialised brand:

  • Find a gap and fill it. brand-focusEvery niche brand fills a small gap that’s been left by broader brands. How can you find that gap? Head to social media and follow your ideal customers to find out what they say is missing from current services, or what things companies are leaving undone. What problem is almost solved…but not well enough? What common mistakes are made…that could be averted? What inconveniences occur regularly…that could be remedied? Take note of these traces of dissatisfaction and use what you learn to focus your specialty.
  • Know that when there’s something important at stake, everyone wants to work with a specialist. If you’re having surgery, you want a surgeon who’s studied and practiced in the type of operation you need. This is not the time to go to a general practitioner. Your ideal customers feel the same way. If they have the option to work with a “Jack of all trades” or with you, a specialist, they will choose the specialist. Their loyalty will run deep and they’ll be happy to pay you what you’re worth. Your challenge will be in finding the audience who’s looking for a specialist like you—but once you find them, look out bottom line!
  • Make your specialty your USP. Many brands struggle to name their USP (Unique Selling Proposition), and if they give up before finding something that works, their brand will be swallowed up by the market. When you focus your brand to shine in a specialty area, that becomes your USP. You’re offering something that the competition isn’t…or can’t. This will work to get you the attention you’ll need to grow.
  • brand-focusPartner with other specialty brands to create packages that appeal to your ideal customers. When your brand is just utterly titillating to the right group of people, chances are they have other interests that closely relate to your focussed offering. Find the brands that offer those related products and team up to create an unforgettable experience for your target audience.

Wow! This is a deep subject with lots more to talk about and learn. If you’re thinking about creating a specialty start-up or further focussing your existing brand, please get in contact with me. How to Build a Brand has a large selection of products and services available to help you build the fast-growth brand becomes the brand you want to see in the world. Visit our website to learn more and contact us with any questions.

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