You have goals. There are things you want to do and places you want to go.

Some of those goals are financial ones. After all, there's a certain amount of money you need to earn to turn your dreams into reality.


now what?

It's not enough to have goals. They're just words, really. A goal without a strategy to achieve it is nothing more than an empty promise.

And just in case you didn't get that, I'm telling you that anyone can have goals. The winners—the goal achievers and the triumphant few—are the ones who have brand strategies and vision for achieving those goals.

And that, my friends, is the difference between never starting and getting started.

So, let's get started.

Brand Strategies for Goal Achievement

Before you start anything, you must have a goal so you know where you're headed. That applies to all things you'll do in life, including your business.

It's pretty common for entrepreneurs and business owners to have financial goals; however, you're going to need other types of goals to support the achievement of financial success.

For instance, maybe you'd like to earn £100,000 this year. That sounds like a fairly reasonable goal. However, you can't simply plaster that number above your desk and begin your journey toward it.

What will your first step be? What will your second step be, and how will you know when you've fulfilled all the requirements for the first step? How will you measure your progress? How will you know if you've got to speed things up or stay steady?

All of these things can be answered under the umbrella of brand strategies.

Your main goal might be £100,000 in a year's time. In order to achieve that, your strategy might dictate that you have to start by publishing a video that reaches 1,000 people, or that gets 250 comments. It might be that you get 100 new people into your paid membership club. Or, maybe you'll have to shake hands and exchange business cards with 200 new people at networking events.

In truth, you'll probably have to do the equivalent of all that and more.

brand-strategiesThe point is that you're going to need to have milestones in your goal journey, and brand strategies will map out those milestones so you'll know where you're going and if you're on-track for success.

Another thing I see (and that I've done) is uber-focus on the launch of a product. That feels like the ultimate goal, right? To have your book published or your new product released for sale on Amazon? Actually, that's just the beginning. Your sales on the first day (after intense pre-launch campaigning) might be quite impressive—and, they're likely to plummet after that…unless you have a strategy that includes lots of individual milestones for reaching that £100,000 goal.

By now you're probably wondering how you can make all this happen…and when I'm going to start talking about the 12-week time period I've referenced in the title.

This is the beautiful part.

I find it very helpful to divide every year into four 3-month segments, so that all brand strategies have four sets of goals…all leading up to the ultimate, year-end goal.

This is how I run the Brand Builders Club, and one of the many reasons its members succeed in achieving their goals.

Next, you've got to visualise the achievement of every goal. Close your eyes for at least 10 seconds every day and see it, hear it, feel it, taste it and experience it—just like you're doing it in real time. When you've envisioned success like this on a regular basis, your mind will believe you've already been there, and so it will direct your thoughts toward making the decisions that align with that achievement.

And finally, I want you to surround yourself with an accountability team (or at least an accountability person)—someone who will hold your feet to the fire and kick you in the arse. Someone who will ask you, "Why aren't you farther along?" and tell you, "You've got to get moving. People are counting on you." Most of us won't do things for our own satisfaction; however, we will do them if others are counting on us.

So that's my formula for goal achievement with brand strategies. The choice is all yours:

Next year at this time, you could be feeling:

  • Nothing
  • Good
  • Great
  • BOOM!

What will it be? Will your goals remain as words, or will they be transformed into reality with brand strategies?

I think we all know what you want the answer to be, and the inspiration, support and help you need are all waiting for you at our next Brand Builders Thinkubator, which is a global mastermind run on Zoom for one hour every week to take away the loneliness of being in business on your own. The entrepreneurs and business owners there are waiting for you, too. The amount of money that has changed hands through collaborations and ideas at these sessions is utterly unbelievable. There are joint ventures, referrals and recommendations made every day, and the bonds that have formed have surpassed my wildest dreams.

Everyone can benefit from attending our masterminds as it's the smartest way to connect, network, collaborate and develop ways to build your brand. You are very welcome to attend as my guest and get an insight into the great ideas, collaboration and activity that goes on behind closed doors at Brand Builders. You do not have to be a member to join in.

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Lots of love
Sammy xx

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