If you’re thinking you should start a business based on what you’re good at, you’re wrong.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Whether you’re getting ready to start a business or you’re rethinking your current situation, it is imperative that you know one thing:

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.


I have seen too many brilliant minds wasted doing the thing they do best—instead of doing the thing they LOVE most.

This is vital not only to the building of your brand strategy, but to the longevity of your business. No one, no matter how smart or motivated, can stay in a business (and be happy and stress-free) unless they’re doing something they love.

What does this mean for you? It means finding your passion—your WHY—and turning it into a product that will serve not only your ideal customers, but your purpose, your mission, your vision…your soul and reason for being on earth.

It really can be that powerful, and it’s time for you to learn how.

Turn what you LOVE TO DO into what they LOVE ABOUT YOU

You’ve heard people talk about turning their hobby into a business; however, the transition doesn’t have to be that black-and-white. Today, I challenge you to use your passion, and the ways in which you enjoy expressing it, to build something that is unlike anything else…something so different and bespoke that no one except you can deliver it in quite the same way.

Of course, no piece (or collection) of generic advice will put you on this path. I would, however, like to offer some points of inspiration that may spark something within you—something that will put your passion in the marketplace, in the form of a marketable, in-demand product.

  • TeachDo you love to write songs? Or bake cupcakes? Or design jewelry? The most obvious way to start a business might be to ramp up production and sell those products. However, you have more [unique] options available to you. Why not teach others how to write, bake or create? In the past, this service would have been limited to in-home or venue-based instruction. Today, you have the technology of webinars, podcasts, video (recorded and live) and more at your fingertips. As your business grows, consider teaching others how to teach. Systemise your delivery methods, so other teaching professionals can learn from you…and voila! You have another product to sell. Then write a book, patent a time-saving invention related to your processes, or hire yourself out for industry-based consulting. Your options are unlimited, as long as you start with a focussed product and branch out based on client feedback and market needs.
  • Public Speaking. When most of you think of public speaking, you think of a function of a business—a small part of what “you have to do” to market your business. However, there are very successful entrepreneurs and business owners who have built their brands around only public speaking. First, seek out public speaking training to determine if this is something you love to do. Then, identify the thing that you love to do—and you’d be stoked to speak publicly about on a regular basis. Did you enjoy the college sports recruiting process, and now you want to speak to parents about how to get the most benefit for their children? Or are you passionate about pet health and want to speak to new pet owners about caring for their new best friends? The possibilities here are endless…as are the products that can result from an active public-speaking career.
  • Build a Community. Are you a foodie? Or a wine lover? Or a bug collector? You may be able to find (or create) a niche enthusiast market around your hobby. This will not involve directly selling the products you enjoy/collect, but rather providing information about the best products and where to find them. Start conversations. Offer advice freely. Share secrets. And all the while, listen to what your ideal customers are telling you they want—and then build a product around it. You can expand by creating and/or finding and selling items your community members will find valuable, like a flavour guide for gourmet food, quirky accessories and décor for wine aficionados, or innovative collection and display options for hobby entomologists.
  • Organise Events. Whether you’re a music, art, fitness or hot rod enthusiast, you can build a brand around event planning. If you have a knack for organising and enjoy bringing people together for the accomplishment of one common goal, you can use those talents to express your passion and meet others who share that passion. When you get involved in a niche market, you will find that people are willing to travel and spend money to be part of a community, to learn about what’s new in their hobby/interest, and to simply enjoy what they can’t find every day.
  • Sell the HOW. Maybe you’re a musician, but you don’t think you can support the lifestyle you want playing music. Or maybe you’re a writer, but feel certain that you’ll starve before you get that book published. If you have other knowledge related to these fields, use that to create a unique how-to product that helps others to also do the thing you’re aspiring to do (or that you have done). If you have a flair for numbers, build a brand strategy around showing musicians or authors how to balance their budgets and draw as many tax deductions as possible. If you’re a techie, design a software programme for artists to manage gigs, scheduling, travelling, income, etc. If you have a marketing background, write a book or publish a video series showing them how to build their entertainment businesses. If you decide to go this route, you will find that you will not only help those who need your services, your own brand strategy will grow and evolve as a result of the research you conduct.
  • Fix Problems. Are you an avid bicyclist? Or a collector of antique clocks? Or a classic car enthusiast? No matter your passion, there’s a good chance you have a lot of knowledge about how to make repairs and solve related problems. All businesses should be built around the solving of a problem; however, some are more obvious than others. In this case, you would be using your acquired knowledge to solve the problems that other beginner-to-intermediate enthusiasts aren’t prepared to solve on their own.

I hope your brain is buzzing with ideas about how to turn your passion into a product—I know mine is. Just writing this has brought to mind so many different scenarios and possibilities for the people I talk to daily in our Brand Builders Club and in the How to Build a Brand Facebook group. If you haven’t become a part of these communities, I suggest you check them out ASAP. There’s fabulous stuff going on every day, and every day you stay away is a day the world is missing your brand. See you there!

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