I know, I know. You’re tired. Every day, you give your time to your brand. You give money to suppliers and team members. You give your heart to the passion project you’ve created. And you give UP many of the things that are important in your life.

You’re weary. You sometimes feel like you have nothing else to give. And yet, I’m going to suggest that you give more…in order to get more and to enjoy the life you want to live.

You see, sometimes you just need to give more of the right things. Then you’ll find yourself having to give less of the things you don’t have enough of…and more of the things that cost little or nothing, that come naturally to your brand, and that are more appreciated by your target audience than anything else.

This concept is rooted in service, rather than in sales. You see, when you serve the right people in the right manner (and the people whom your target audience members know and care about), the sales just seem to happen. This is the perfect scenario for those of you who don’t feel you’re gifted (or motivated) in traditional sales.

It’s perfect for those of you who want to demonstrate your brand’s values through service, and get your ideal customers to notice. It’s perfect for those of you who want to align with a cause to make your brand more visible. And it’s perfect if you can see the value in giving something unconventional, yet more meaningful than all the money and precious time you’ve been squandering.

Ready? Here we go.

Build your Brand through Intelligent Generosity

What is your brand’s top corporate value? Is it honesty? Or happiness? Or awareness? Whatever it is, I want you to focus on finding a way to demonstrate your brand’s commitment to that value by giving more of it to the people who need it most, remembering that these people may not be your ideal customers.

build-your-brandJust think about this for a moment: Let’s say that your foremost corporate value is joy. Who are the people who most desperately need joy in their lives, right now? Maybe they’re people in a bereavement group, or those fighting addiction or burdened by the pain of past abuse.

Now imagine if they received that joy—in a significant way. And imagine if your brand was directly responsible for delivering that joy. Those people will never forget the name of your brand; plus, the people associated with your brand, who have chosen it because of its focus on joy, will see what you’ve done and reward you with continued patronage and word-of-mouth advertising.

I’m not suggesting that you choose to give simply for the benefits it will bring to your brand. Instead, you should give in a way that feeds your own passion and creates a community that surrounds and supports your brand.

Here are just a few suggestions that may spark some ideas for the ways in which you can give, to build your brand:

  • Adjust your processes to include giving. At the end of every day, Panera Bread donates its unsold items to soup kitchens and homeless shelters. This is just one example of how daily systems can include giving. Examine your processes to identify areas of waste, or areas where there’s room for giving as you produce (or giving in lieu of disposal).
  • Find alternative (or additional) uses for your product(s). Dawn manufactures liquid dish soap, but they’ve also found a way to give back that doesn’t involve dishes. Because the product is such a spectacular oil/grease cutter, it works well to bathe animals after oil spills. What ‘hidden talents’ does your product have? And how can it deliver your corporate values to those who need it most?
  • Tell your customers how they’re helping with every purchase. The average consumer wants to know that their money is being well-spent, and that often goes beyond ‘getting a good deal.’ Let them know that a portion of proceeds are going to a particular cause, or how the money they spend with you is helping others to experience some of what they get from your brand. This fosters long-term relationships with your brand and makes customers feel vested.
  • Ask your audience for suggestions. If you have built an audience made up of your ideal customers, then they share your values. They appreciate what you’re trying to accomplish, and are willing to support your efforts. They are the perfect source for suggestions on giving. Ask them about their favourite charities, or for suggestions on how you can contribute more of your brand to the world. This will help your brand to give in more meaningful ways. It will also work to endear your clients to your brand—to create deeper loyalty and more significant, long-lasting business relationships.

These are just a few ideas for how you can give more of the right things to get more of the best things as you build your brand. Have questions? Then please, feel free to contact us. Want to learn more about branding and marketing? Then click here to learn more about the B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp, a full-day, fully immersive branding experience designed for the dedicated and driven business owner and brand-builder. Early Bird discounts are available, so plan ahead.

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