When’s the last time you received a hand-written note? How much did it mean to you? How much does the memory of it stand out from other communications? And what did it tell you about its writer?

In this space, we have talked about the importance of writing handwritten thank-you notes to clients and business associates; however, we haven’t discussed the significance of writing notes to your brand.

What do I mean by this?

Read on to find out.

Love Notes: to Build Brand Love

As you’re building your brand strategy, you must record the findings of your research, market statistics, observations, goals and more. How are you doing this? In a word-processing programme? With a digital voice recorder? Or in a note-taking app on your phone?

All of these are viable methods for logging those things that will prove essential to the building of your brand; however, when it comes to real innovation and creative thinking, there’s a better way.

It’s writing by hand, and the reasons for using this “archaic” method of documentation may surprise you.

Here’s what we’ve found:

  • The RAS is a Brand-Builder. What’s the RAS? It’s the Reticular Activating System, and it’s the part of your brain responsible for prioritising everything that’s going on in front of you at any given moment. Because writing is more of a physical (and creative) activity than typing or texting, it gets the attention of the RAS, and therefore demands more of your focus and commits more of what is recorded to memory. When you write by hand, more parts of your brain “light up,” meaning that more of your brain is engaged and absorbed in what you’re doing.
  • It Slows Down the Thought Process. We are living in the digital age, and with that comes a need for speed. Everything seems to be classified by how quickly it can be accomplished…and rarely by how well it can be accomplished. As you look around at the competition, you’ll be able to pinpoint a number of areas where they (and possibly you) are failing. Maybe the answer is to slow down and take the time to dig deep into your own psyche, to listen to what your experiences and your intuition are telling you. As you write down findings, thoughts and goals, take your time and listen to what your subconscious delivers during these special times.
  • Writing by Hand Reduces Distractions. Whether you’re writing an article, fleshing out a plan for the work week, or laying out a map for your customer journey, you’re bound to be distracted when using the computer or tablet. However, when it’s just you and the pen/paper, there’s an intimacy of thought…a communication between mind and creation that you won’t want to interrupt with emails, texts or social media updates.brand
  • Unconventional Physical Writing Opens the Mind. Are you in need of innovation for your brand? Are you feeling creatively blocked? Then you need to knock down walls and crack open your brain. Cut your paper into a circle. Write with a crayon. Use paper without lines. Write with your non-dominant hand (to engage the “other side” of your brain). Use fluid lines and angular freedom whilst writing words that come to you as you focus on your ideal customer’s pain, gaps in competitors’ offerings, industry challenges and more.
  • It Highlights Uniqueness. Your handwriting is unique—so unique that forensic handwriting analysts can use it to solve crimes. You are unique, too. And so is your brand. Are you seeing a pattern here? When you write ideas down, by hand, you are tapping into all the uniqueness that you have to bring to the market. It opens your mind to brand expression.

Writing by hand, to build your brand, really is something you have to try in order to grasp how it will work for you. Some people are profoundly affected by its power—breaking through years of brand inactivity and disappointment. Others simply use it to block distractions and create a different kind of visual for reflecting upon.

Now, am I suggesting that you sell your laptop and delete your note-taking app? Not at all. What I am suggesting is that when you’re faced with mapping out a complicated plan, or with getting in touch with the emotions your customers are struggling with, that you record your thoughts and findings by hand, in order to light up more of your brain and to get a more comprehensive read on all of your options. This is where innovation begins—when the mind is open.

How has writing by hand helped you to build your brand? Or how will you be using it to innovate as you move forward? Share your experiences and your goals in the Brand Builders Club, a global network where freedom-focussed entrepreneurs and business owners are gathering to share ideas, ask for opinions, offer advice, have access to their daily virtual brand-building coach, and participate in 90-minute mastermind sessions. Click here to learn more.

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