People buy from people—it's true.

There's more, though.

People don't just buy from people they like. They buy from people they respect, trust and admire.

They do make emotional decisions; however, they don't ignore facts.

So how can you cover all of this in the short amount of time you're given to make first (and lasting) impressions?

With a few targeted tips, you can start making the types of connections necessary for closing more sales and making more conversions.

Sales Advice for Aspiring Brand Builders, from Expert Brand Builders

Whether you're in an elevator delivering your pitch, trading business cards at a networking event or sitting down with a prospective client for a sales meeting, you have some things to think about. Being successful isn't just about being liked, just about being the best intellectual decision, or about striking the right emotion. It's about giving your ideal customer the information he or she needs to make the best decision.

Here's what I suggest:

  • Challenge Them. I remember once, years ago, a salesperson who was trying to sell me a product agreed with everything I said. I could have maintained that the sky was purple and he would have nodded his head and said he'd always seen it that way, too. When you attempt to get your ideal customers to 'like' you in this manner, you lose all credibility. Instead, ask them a question or two that challenges their typical way of thinking.
  • Mention What You've Noticed. Your ideal customers have a significant problem that you're able to solve (or at least they should). Let them know about some observations you've made regarding that problem, and then ask them if they think those observations are indicative of what they've been enduring. This will not only give you firsthand insight into the mind of your ideal customer, it will demonstrate to them that you're empathetic and willing to learn about the world they're living in. On the other hand, if this person can't relate to the things you've noticed when conducting research, then they're probably not the right customer for your brand.
  • Remain Composed. I know how excited you are about the product or service you're selling, and at any given moment you can be ready to let loose with a string of shouts and hollers, like a hyperactive used car salesman who's had too much caffeine. For many of us, the pitch of our voices goes up when we're overly enthused. It can also go up when we're being dishonest. Your prospects won't know why you're acting in an over-the-top manner; what they will know is that they can't trust you. Instead of being overly eager, be sure that you're using your natural voice, that you're speaking calmly and not overdoing the excitement. Acting any other way can cause your ideal customer to see you as disingenuous…or to be too annoyed to listen to you for another minute.
  • Remind Yourself What You're Selling.


    If you sell lamps, you're selling light. If you're selling drills, you're selling holes. If you're selling beer, you're selling relaxation and socialisation. Think about this before you start making a hard sell with your product at the forefront. This is about your ideal customer and the things they want and need to experience, not about that one thing you're selling. Focus on how they'll feel after they buy and use your product, on the benefits that come as a result of it…and put that feeling at the centre of every interaction and communication.

  • Turn Down the Talk. In any sales encounter, you should speak less than the person you're committed to helping. Sure, you have a lot of information to convey; however, it's important to listen to your prospect and determine which pieces of that information they need most. Strive to never bore or annoy, and instead, to listen and engage.

There's lots more sales advice to give, and you'll find much of it in past blog articles; so feel free to browse the archives in the Brand Advice Centre on the How to Build a Brand website.

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