We talk often about the importance of being unique, as a corporate brand. We also talk about how that can be difficult without inspiration. So today, we’re talking about creating a brand that is not only unique, but that pairs concepts that you wouldn’t normally find together—resulting in a brand that is not only unexpected, but something they’ve GOT to see.

Maybe the ideas we’re sharing today will fire your own creative brand genius…and the development of something brilliant.

How to put Pop in your Brand

In the race to build a brand that is unique, it can be easy to get caught up in the uniqueness and forget that consumers still have basic needs. On the reverse side of that coin, it can also be easy to stick with the perfunctory and forget about distinctiveness…in concept and performance.

Here are some combination concepts to inspire you in your own quest, as you learn How to Build a Brand with Pop:

  • Dive Headfirst into Retro or Futurism: There are lots of services that will offer looks or products from a time how-to-build-a-brandperiod that’s not our own…but it’s not their specialty. A boutique might reserve one corner for 1950s swing dresses. A movie theatre might reserve one viewing room for futuristic flicks. However, they do not cater to a niche audience. There are plenty of benefits that come with that niche accommodation, and it can make sense to go all-in. Think about taking an everyday service and transporting it back to the future or ahead to the past. Ensure that you have the audience…or that the interest is out there, and then run with it.
  • Combine for Comfort and Convenience: People need to eat and work. They want to drive and learn. They also need to care for their families and pets whilst building their businesses through marketing and networking. Can you use your brand to help people accomplish two tasks they wouldn’t normally consider undertaking simultaneously? Study the daily habits and routines of your ideal client. What are two things they do every day that could potentially be combined into one space or place, time or venue? Don’t discount an idea because two components seem too dissimilar. This will be the appeal.
  • Offer Protection where there is None: There’s home and car insurance; health insurance and life insurance. However, there is no insurance for some of the things in life that seem to go wrong, again and again. Whether it’s simply offering comfort for those small, common stumbles in life, or getting real with monetary coverage for a broken heart, for instance, think about the biggest frustrations (and losses) your target audience members experience and then get busy—not necessarily by solving their problem, but by softening the blow.
  • Marry Two Unexpected Concepts: A child wouldn’t order custom take-out or call a taxi, right? An elderly woman wouldn’t sign up for hip-hop dance class, right? And a sharp-dressed businessman would never express an interest in bee-keeping…or would he? Give people the chance to break out and experience something new, or something they’ve been secretly wishing was acceptable, and they’ll come. Do your homework first, or the only thing sticky about your brand will be an overrun on honey.
  • Shake up the Event Scene: Aren’t we all weary of commonplace events? Aren’t we all looking for something different to do this weekend? The answer is YES, and your ideal client has some definite preferences about how she spends her time, whether she’s aware of them or not. Think about her favourite things to do, her favourite foods, her favourite people…and design a one-time or flexibly hosted event that satisfies her needs and opens your brand up to her likeminded friends. Think outside the typical music, movie, dinner or wine event. Does she like wildly coloured socks? Or gardening? Or wildlife? How about palaeontology or microbiology? Build an event (or an event company) around something unexpected (but targeted toward your ideal client), and you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.
  • Make Being Social Simple: Imagine this: your corner bar is no longer lined with a mash-up of people with disparate interests…making conversation stodgy before the first few drinks are consumed. What if that bar ran a continuous stock market ticker? Or looped Walking Dead episodes, with themed drinks and appetisers? Or served all food and drink in designer glassware, for the most discerning diva-types? Your customer base would no longer be every passing Joe. Your loyal customer base would be made up of those who show up not only for a beverage, but for comradery they wouldn’t find elsewhere. That’s a secret club feel, and something that will marry just the right people to your brand.

The possibilities in the realm of Brands that Pop are endless. As you strive to build your own, think unexpected. Pair the most outrageous things to together, and see what you get. Play with it. Get creative and take risks. If you, with your unique set of corporate values, are impressed and intrigued, chances are your ideal clients, who share those values, will be also.

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