As you grow your business, it's important to understand the role your team plays in the future of your brand. Now, when I say 'team,' I'm not talking about your tribe, or your audience. I'm also not talking about those people to whom you outsource tasks.

I'm talking about your 'regulars,' your employees; those people who have made a commitment to work for your brand, for a regular paycheck.

power-teamThey are the ones you will come to rely on every day; the ones who will speak on your behalf and who will complete the tasks necessary for creating the brand you want to see in the world.

As you can imagine, the decisions you'll make as you build your Power Team aren't to be taken lightly. In fact, I do believe that your team is one of your brand's most valuable assets, and one that will heavily contribute to your level of success.

Today, we're talking about how to create the Power Team that will drive your brand into that bright, happy branded sunset.

From Purpose to Profit:  Starting your own Power Team

Power Team (n): a team consisting of people who possess all the strengths needed to achieve your mission.

You've thought about your dream client and created an ideal customer profile based on that aspiration. The same thing should be done as you prepare to hire team members.

As you make a list of the team members you'll need (accountant, marketer, social media manager, content writer, public relations manager, customer service representatives, etc.), promise yourself that you will not compromise.

This is the time to aim high; to refuse to settle for less-than-ideal.

Here's what I suggest:

  • Name your own Weaknesses. If you're like most small business owners, you're not financially able to fill every position immediately. So, you'll want to start with the greatest need. What is the thing you dislike doing more than anything? Or in what area are you significantly challenged? Let's face it:  None of us like to do everything, and all of us have our talents, gifts and strengths—meaning that we're awesome at some things and we stink at others. So instead of listening to conventional advice like "Every business needs a professional bookkeeper," listen to what you know about yourself and your resources. Hire according to your brand's unique necessities.
  • List Desired Traits for Each Position. No one knows your brand or its purpose better than you. You've mapped out your intended path, and you have a good idea of what it's going to take to get there. You know your brand's values, along with its vision and mission. Now, what traits should your team members possess in order to make all of that happen? Each position you're hiring for will have different requirements; however, every team member should believe in your brand's purpose, share its values and see its vision clearly. They should have lots in common when it comes to the big picture, yet be uniquely talented in fulfilling the duties of their specific positions.
  • Hire According to your Brand Culture. Is your office environment fast-paced? Or is it more about taking it slow and giving lots of time to each customer? Does your brand believe in having fun, or is it a serious, perfectionist brand? These types of questions are not only important to ask as you name your brand's values; they're important to the creation of your Power Team. Of course, candidates should be qualified to fulfill their duties; however, if their attitudes naturally align with your company's culture, those duties will be fulfilled more efficiently and with higher quality.
  • Continually Evaluate your Team's Performance. I would suggest a staff meeting at least once per month. Of course, you'll want to check on everyone's progress; however, it shouldn't end there. I suggest you assess all team members' morale—their continued alignment with your brand's purpose and values. Measure forward progress as a unit. Is anyone being left behind? Or veering off on a different path? Or bringing down the spirit of the team? Or maybe displaying uncanny leadership qualities and oneness with the brand's vision? Or contributing in a big way to your brand's word-of-mouth advertising? Some of these things can bring down a brand; others deserve attention and reward. Assess regularly, in order to make sure your Power Team says powerful.
  • Evaluate Continuing Needs. As your brand grows, the need for more team members is inevitable. You might need to add new positions; you may need to hire more employees to handle the demands of one position. Stay in touch with the needs of your staff. Look for areas of significant growth. Create and fill positions as needed, being as choosy about additional team members as you were in the beginning.

With a Power Team at your side, you can take your brand to more people, with greater positive impact. Too many brand builders work to simply fill positions, when they should be working to hire those people who will further the reach and value of their brands. Who will you hire next? What challenges are you experiencing whilst hiring? What difference has a Power Team (or powerful employee) made for your brand? I invite you to share your experiences and ask other brand builders for advice in the How to Build a Brand group. Join today! It's FREE.

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