Your blog, your social media pages, your YouTube videos, your group, your webpages, your live streaming videos…

They all have something in common:

If you can keep them buzzing with engagement, your brand will be more credible, visible and profitable.

They all have another thing in common:

Keeping up the buzz factor isn't as easy as it sounds.

You see, no one is going to take on the responsibility of engaging your brand. They might make one attempt—and if there's no response, or no payoff for the effort they've made, they're as good as gone. Add to that the comparisons they're making among brands and the levels of engagement they're getting from each one, and you've got to turn up your game.

Let's talk about the things I think will make the biggest differences in your brand's buzz factor.

Your Brand's Buzz Factor: How to Turn it Up

Your brand should be like a bee hive. Buzzing with activity; trembling from all the action going on inside it; so energetic that it looks like it's going to take flight.brand-buzz

We see this from other brands all the time. We see campaigns go viral and we see people trampling each other to get to the next product. And yet, we don't often consider the work that went into creating that situation. We just assume they hit the right button or developed the right product. And so, we lock ourselves in our offices and think. We think about how we can create something that can't be ignored…all the while ignoring the people who want to engage with us; the people who appreciate our brands right now.

There's no better time than this minute to get your head out of your office and into the lives of your audience members. Here's what I suggest:

  • Be Present. This might seem like a no-brainer, but here's the thing: too many brand teams just aren't available to their audience members. Questions might go unanswered, comments might go unacknowledged, compliments might go unappreciated, criticisms might go unaddressed, problems might go unsolved…or too much time passes before any of these things are done. This can be detrimental to a brand. Be there. Be responsive. Let them know that you're waiting to hear from them.
  • Be Consistent. In everything you do, from answering the phone, to responding to enquiries, to getting back to customers who have questions, to making appearances at events…be predictable. The first time someone has to say, "That's not like her," you've started an erosion of trust.
  • Know Optimal Times. If you want to engage your audience members, you must know when they're most willing (and able) to be engaged. Are they likely to interact with your brand first thing in the morning, over their lunch break, after work, in the evening or before bed? Maybe weekends are better, or maybe Fridays work better than Mondays. Take note of behaviours, and don't be shy about asking questions regarding the best times to reach your ideal customers. They want to engage with your brand; and they want to do it when it's best for them.
  • Reward Engagement.  Acknowledge those audience members who are engagement superstars. Call them out by name and thank them publically. Let others know what they've done or said that is just so darn cool, groundbreaking or special. In other words, what you reward will be repeated (by them and others).
  • Offer Valuable Prizes.  Nothing makes people want to get involved like free stuff. And when that free stuff is something they place high value on—something they really want—well, then they're going to go full out. Know your ideal customers well enough to know what will light them up, and then create a competition that keeps them talking right up until award time.
  • Keep Your Promises.  If you break a promise, engagement will suffer. No one wants to invest energy into a relationship in which they're giving more than they're receiving; or in which they can't be certain about when or how (or even if) they will receive what they've been promised. Keeping promises not only builds trust in your brand, it colours you as reliable and makes the energy your audience members put into their interactions with you a good 'gamble.'
  • Give 200%.  Not everyone you try to engage with will respond. Not every interaction will result in conversion. In fact, you have to give 200% just to get 50% in return. Follow your passion, do what you love, build the brand you want to see in the world…and you'll be happy to put forth that effort.

Are you ready to jump in and engage some ideal clients? Give them what they want, when they want it, all whilst remaining consistent, and you will make great strides in your engagement, and therefore your brand building.

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