Is your brand relevant? Today should not be the first day you’re answering this question, because, in fact, brands have always had to be relevant. Even before mass media marketing, websites and social media, they had to be relevant. Otherwise, they would fail to engage, convert and “stick” in the market.

To those branding and marketing specialists who are claiming ownership of this idea—as if they’ve invented relevance—shame on you. Instead of pretending that you’ve invented or discovered this requirement, and charging money to teach people what it is, you should instead be showing them how to achieve it. Because really, this is one of those branding and marketing tenets that doesn’t have to be reinvented, rediscovered or repackaged…it just has to be remembered and respected for its high ROI and spectacular effectiveness.

Let’s remind ourselves how we can keep our focus on relevance…so our ideal customers will keep their focus on our brands.

Brand Relevance: To Build and Maintain your Brand

How would you define brand relevance?

I would say it’s similar to practicality. It’s useful. It’s pertinent to a circumstance that someone finds themselves in at the moment. It’s applicable to a problem someone is experiencing. It’s appropriate for the time, place and situation at hand.

You can have a gorgeous, dramatic and interesting brand, but if it doesn’t serve a purpose, fill a need or solve a problem, it’s dead in the water.

Your brand can be cool or fashionable, but if being cool or fashionable isn’t a priority for your audience, it is again, dead in the water.

Let’s move on to some tips I’ve compiled to help you remember to keep your brand relevant for your target audience:

  • Get out of your own Head.  brand-relevancyIt’s true. I want you to create the brand you want to see in the world. However, there’s another important point to consider: It has to be the brand your ideal customers want to see in the world, too. Many of us have had dreams of building a particular type of business for a long time. Sadly, too many entrepreneurs focus solely on that, instead of asking themselves how they can use what they love to create something useful and marketable (i.e. relevant). You do not have to give up your dreams; you simply need to shape them into something you can sell, in order to keep doing what you love.
  • Flex with Consumer Trends.  How does your market change as consumer needs change? In truth, this is what drives invention, branding, marketing, sales…and we must keep a forward-focussed eye on what’s coming up. Get in there, in the trenches, with your ideal customers to find out what new things they’re doing (and deduct how this will affect how they see and need your brand). Get in there with consumers who aren’t your ideal customers, too—because, in many cases, their predilections and mind-changes will spread across industry lines, to affect your ideal customer. The best brands don’t react to consumer trends after they manifest, they predict them and play offence rather than defence. Instead of adjusting to become relevant, it seems that they’re always ready and waiting…with brand relevancy.
  • Make it More than an Idea. Just taking a stance or making a statement that is relevant to your audience is rarely enough. You have to get out there and prove your brand’s relevance, understanding that your current customers need real ways to show potential customers that you don’t just talk…you act. Adopt a relevant cause and work within the community to make a difference. Demonstrate your expertise by offering real help to people who need it. Build trust by exhibiting your brand passion at events.
  • Make it Necessary. Throughout history, brands have “made it big,” not because consumers demanded what they were offering, but because they showed consumers how their lives could be better, and then offered the solution. Sometimes, people have problems they thought they had to live with or that they didn’t even know they had. You can make your brand relevant by shedding light on these problems, and being right there, ready with the answer.

Being relevant will be a challenge for some of you, but like a note in a four-part harmony, you’ll know it when you achieve it. People will start to respond to what you’re putting out there; they will talk about your brand; they will not only buy from you, they will make your brand a part of their lives. You see, when you take the time to ask yourself what will make your brand relevant, that proves to consumers that your main concern is them—and that’s what every consumer, no matter the industry, wants.

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