Beneath the façade of excellence lies a saboteur; one intent on keeping accomplishment just out of reach. This vandal scrawls words of discouragement and arguments against progress across the brand builder’s psyche and then smiles sweetly…with the “best of intentions.”

This villain is perfection, and the pursuit of it has not only hindered, but destroyed countless endeavours: ones that were once brimming with promise, and are now reduced to the fractured remnants of brand strategy lost.

How is your need for perfection destroying your brand strategy? And is it too late to stop the devastation?

Not if you move quickly and with determination.

Perfection: Brand Strategy Slayer

Your struggle to be “perfect”—and to put out products that are “perfect”—is killing your brand. Whilst you’re spending time thinking of everything that could go wrong, another brand strategy is pulling ahead of your own.

How is your brand currently being consumed by the pursuit of perfection?

  • Are you avoiding the publication of your book until you edit it…for the tenth time?
  • Have you been dodging the launch of your website…because you can’t find the perfect image for the homepage?
  • Is your social media account suffering from a lack of action…because you’re worried about your double chin in that conference photo or bellyaching over the proper spelling of problematic homophones?
  • Are you putting off speaking engagements until you have that mole removed?
  • Have you conveniently ignored invitations to networking events because your elevator pitch isn’t “just right” yet?
  • Are you waiting to write those blog posts until you know everything about all the topics you wish to share?

You, my friend, are your own worst enemy. You are smothering a beautiful thing…trying to make it more beautiful; when in fact, you are systematically ensuring that no one will ever get the chance to enjoy that beauty.

I can assure you: there is a competitor who is not all that wrapped up in perfection, and he’s in the process of creating a brand strategy, releasing his product, publishing his book, writing his blog, increasing visibility, enhancing awareness, building trust, demonstrating expertise, turning critics into loyal clients…and building a brand.

brand-strategySo how can you exit this perfection roundabout? How can you escape this feeling that your brand will “never be good enough?”

Take these pieces of advice (compiled from personal experience) to heart, lest your brand strategy die a slow death in a desk drawer, in your hard drive or in the hearts of those in desperate need of what you have to give:

  • Unless your brand strategy includes a section for building stress, scrap the perfection. The pursuit of perfection will result in one thing, for sure: stress. Why? Because perfection does not exist; it is not attainable; it is a fallacy created by those who have a fear of success…and when you continue to pursue something that is unattainable, frustration will become your theme. This leaves no time for listening to your ideal customer, and no room in your mind for innovation.
  • Stay motivated by releasing bits of your imperfect brand. Those who wait to release their brand until their brand strategy is “perfect” are likely to never release that brand. However, when you give bits of your brand to the public, and request feedback, before the grand opening or big reveal, you will find the motivation to push forward. And that’s not all: the feedback you receive will help you to “perfect” your brand; whereas you could be going off in the wrong direction by working with it under lock and key.
  • Embrace imperfection, and use it to endear your brand to ideal customers. When Domino’s (formerly Domino’s Pizza) launched an advertising campaign that highlighted the mistakes it’s made in the past, acknowledging how annoyed its patrons were by these missteps, its patronage increased. People were touched that Domino’s not only paid attention to what they were saying, but that the company took steps to own its mistakes and came out with improved products that people really wanted. Try to be perfect, and you’ll risk being labelled a fraud. Own your imperfection, and you’ll get all kinds of props for not only your honesty, but for the improved brand that results from all that conversation.

Can you apply this advice to the building of your brand strategy? Can you let go of the notion that your brand must be “perfect” before revealing it to anyone…even a trusted business confidant?

Decide today to take one small risk. Share something you’ve created…especially if it’s not perfect. Because here’s the truth: It’s not, and it never will be. Adopt this belief, and all of your brand-building accomplishments will take on a new sheen.

Want to learn more about how perfection can slay your brand strategy? And how your acceptance of your own weaknesses can help you to build a stronger brand? Then join us for a B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp, designed to put motivated entrepreneurs and business owners on the fast-track to brand success. Learn more and register here.

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