How effective is every interaction you have with your brand's customers and followers?

Is each one furthering each person's customer journey, as well as your brand's growth?

At How to Build a Brand, there's a reason we call each brand interaction a heartbeat (rather than a touchpoint): Because every one of them should be furthering the quality and endurance of your brand's life. Isn't that, after all, what heartbeats do?

Today, I'm talking about how to gauge the effectiveness of every heartbeat, and then use those heartbeats to grow your brand.

Let's get started.

Getting the Most out of Every Brand Heartbeat

If I were to ask you how effective each heartbeat is in building your brand, how would you respond? Would you even know where to start?

When I ask this question, most of my brand builders shrug their shoulders, or give a half-hearted nod. That's because they aren't sure…and they have no method for being sure.

In order to determine the effectiveness of your interactions and communications, you must analyse them. And in order to analyse them, you must provide some way to review them.

When interactions are in writing, like in a social media or email exchange, you can go back a few days or weeks after it happened and ask yourself these questions:

  • Did I pay attention to what the person was really asking? Or telling me?
  • Did I put their needs first in my answer, whilst conveying my brand's message?
  • What words or phrases did they use that are indicative of my audience, but not being used in my branded language?
  • According to what they said, in what areas am I doing a good job?
  • What should I change?
  • What can I improve?

And then there are the heartbeats that aren't in writing…and we often forget about what is said during those interactions. The content of these communications often represents the most valuable tidbits of wisdom for furthering our businesses—and if you're not recording them or listening back, you're missing out.

Here's what I suggest:

  • For your Facebook Live and other live-streaming deliveries, wait a few days and then watch them back again. If you don't care to watch yourself, at least listen.
  • For in-person interactions, ask the people you're speaking with if they will allow you to record.


  • For those interactions that had spectacular outcomes, make a list of the brilliant and highly appropriate things that were said. These are the things that changed the direction of the conversation (in a positive way), that caused the person to stop and think, or that so tightly aligned with your vision and mission that they should be used every day. Find the gold, write it down and reuse it wherever appropriate (future live video sessions, in-person interactions, blog posts, website content, social media posts, podcasts, interviews, etc.).
  • For those interactions that didn't end up the way you would have wished, listen for things that should not have been said, or that should have been stated differently. Come up with alternative ways to communicate what needs to be said…or eliminate what should never be said again.
  • Analyse these interactions for feedback. We all have a tendency to focus on what we want to say, instead of what is being said to us. Playing back recorded communications can often bring these pieces of feedback to light, even when we initially missed them. Utilise the feedback you hear (particularly when it's coming from an industry expert or your ideal customer) in branding and marketing strategies.

Too many of you devalue the words that come out of your own mouths, when in fact, each of you are a treasure chest of knowledge. All the content you will ever need is inside of you.

When you speak from the heart as you interact with your ideal customers, your past experiences, the wisdom and expertise you have accumulated, your values…all contribute to word combinations that are not only unique from those of your competitors, but that will prove to be highly valuable to those who are suffering from the pains and problems you can solve. You've been where they are. You've suffered the way they are suffering. You have found a solution and you want more than anything to share that solution (and how to make it work) with them.

That kind of passion can't be faked, and its power cannot be duplicated.

Are you ready to start interacting, communicating…and then capturing, integrating, using and sharing what you find? If the answer is YES, then you're on your way to maximising your brand interactions, and therefore growing your brand.

And with that, I invite you to get cracking!

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