You have constructed your event (seminar, webinar, workshop, networking dinner, etc.) around making conversions. Your brand building and positioning strategy involves emotionally engaging ideal clients, making connections using talk about common problems, personal interaction, expert public speaking…and how about after the event?

What are you planning to do to keep your brand top-of-mind after the last brochure is packed away and the last crumb is swept from the floor?

In truth, many of your most valuable brand relationships will not blossom at your event. The event is often the brand building and positioning seed. The cultivation and brand-building care starts during the event and continues as soon as it concludes.

You see, a great event strategy is intelligent.

A killer event follow-up strategy has Smarticles.

What are Smarticles? They are the creative cousins to intelligent moves—the ones that set you apart from the competition and get your brand noticed. When all the others are locking the doors of the convention center, you can already be busy developing brand relationships with future loyal clients.

Allow me to explain…

Brand Building and Positioning after your Event’s Completion

The purpose of your event is to teach, pass along information…and that’s not all. It’s also to build your brand in the minds of your ideal clients (brand building and positioning), so they will come back again and again.

So what can you do to avoid attendees’ absorption of information without any reciprocation? The branding experts at How to Build a Brand employ the following Smarticles after the completion of events like our B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp. We recommend that you do the same:

  • Collect business cards and use them to make connections. Give attendees a reason to give you their business cards. Have a prize drawing, for instance. And then, as soon as the event is over, go through every business card in that fishbowl and connect with those people on social media—especially those whom you deem to be your ideal clients. Mention an interaction you had with that person, or something special you remember happening. Request a connection, whist simultaneously demonstrating that you have taken notice, have paid attention, and are interested in establishing a business relationship. You may also wish to use direct mail (to send your business card as a reminder), or email to let them know how happy to are to have met them and invite them to talk about more upcoming opportunities.


  • Talk about your next event or meeting. If and when one of your connection requests shows an interest in your brand, or shares something they remember from the event, take that opportunity to continue to build the relationship. Suggest a business luncheon, recommend another upcoming event, or suggest ways that you can help them to solve their problem…cultivate that potential relationship.
  • Follow them using Google Alerts. If an attendee is in the news, receives an award, publishes an article…send them a message congratulating them and offering something to show that you have read all about their accomplishment.
  • Help them to make connections that will benefit them. You may know people who would be interested in a product or service that an attendee has to offer. Do what you can to aid in that business connection, and your attendee will be compelled to reciprocate with your brand.
  • Make contact regularly. Daily is out of the question; however, a message to keep your brand top-of-mind at least every 45 days is advisable.

There are some who might compare this behavior to stalking; to the contrary, there are too many brands that allow these opportunities to pass them by. The ones who use them are using their branding Smarticles. Staying top-of-mind and relevant with your brand building and positioning strategy is a proactive cause, which requires positive, pre-emptive, creative connectivity. It’s up to you—the brand—to make the move after your event, and to waste no time when doing so.

Want to learn more about how you can host brand-building events and CONVERT with post-event Smarticles? Then you must sign up for the How to Build a Brand FREE B.R.A.N.D. Kick Starter Online Masterclass at In it, you will learn about profitable brand building and positioning, as well as how to find the kind of customers who will pay you what you’re worth. We’ll see you there!

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