How doubtful are you that your business will succeed?

If you answered anything other than "Not at all," then the greatest hindrance to your success will be your own self-doubt.

Self-doubt is not uncommon among business start-ups and legacy brands; however, those entrepreneurs who have adopted a formula for smashing that self-doubt before it has a chance to creep into their psyches are the ones with the brightest futures (and the fattest bank accounts).

Even if you feel like you're naturally prone to self-doubt, there are things you can do to convert that negative energy into belief in your brand and in your own capabilities.

Join me as I share my formula for busting through that doubt, and replacing it with profitable confidence.

How Brand-Builders Replace Self-Doubt with Confidence

If you've ever wondered how some entrepreneurs muster the strength to push through anything—even the most significant setbacks—you're not alone.

At some point in our professional lives, we've all been searching for that secret sauce; the formula that will make us feel invincible and able to take on any task…and succeed.

And most of us have a tendency to tell ourselves—at one point or another—that what we want to accomplish isn't really worth the effort. That it's bound to fail. That it's a stupid idea.

These are the things we tell ourselves when we're afraid, or when we don't have the confidence to move forward. We blame the environment, or a lack of available time, or the team, or the idea.

These are nothing more than weak excuses, and here's how you can push past your fear and self-doubt to start acting like the entrepreneurs you admire:

  • Recognise Fear as a Brand Motivator. If you take a trip to the amusement park, and have no desire to ride the Ferris wheel, it's unlikely that you'll feel any fear as you stroll past the ginormous ride. brandThe roller coaster with the vertical drop might be a different case altogether, though. Deep down, you want to ride that roller coaster. You know that once you're strapped in and the attendant gives the all-clear, you'll be happy you sweated it out. You've read great reviews. Your friends love it. You really want to do it. However, your palms are sweating, your voice is shaking, your knees are quivering…and those reactions are all perfect reasons to go ahead and ride that coaster. You see, if you don't care, you won't feel fear. If something means a lot to you, you will be afraid. And that's a brilliant indicator of what you should do next.
  • Refer Regularly to your Strengths and Accomplishments. What are your weaknesses? Great! Now throw them away and stop talking about them! Instead, ask yourself what you're good at…better than anyone you know. Think back on all the ways you've used those gifts to accomplish things in the past. How much pride did you feel? How many steps forward did you take because you put your talents to work? How much would you like to experience that feeling again? There's no better time than right now to start focussing on your strengths and use a new, unshakeable confidence in your inborn abilities to make your dreams come true.
  • Pack a Hard-Work Parachute. Maybe you're feeling confident in many of your abilities; and yet, you're nervous about taking something on that might require you do something new…something you expect to struggle with. Now, I want you to think about projects that you've poured your heart and soul into in the past. Think about the ones you stayed up all night to work on. Think about how tired and hungry you were. Remember the satisfaction you felt when you were finished. Now, understand that you're even more skilled, knowledgeable and resilient today than you were yesterday. Just think about what you can accomplish with that work ethic. I'm quite sure you have nothing to fear.
  • Be Mindful of Your Mental State. Practice powerful, positive thinking. We are all susceptible to getting stuck in negative-thinking loops, and those loops can pull us deeper and deeper into a negative-thinking funnel. As soon as you wake up in the morning, name all the things you're going to conquer that day. As you move throughout your day, gain strength from each task. Set out to prove to yourself just how strong you really are. Things will happen that tempt you to slip into a negative state of mind; however, the more you fight this tendency, the more resilient you will become. This type of momentum builds quickly, so be ready to succeed.
  • Do Something You're Afraid To Do, Every Day. Are you nervous to call that client? Then start with that. Are you fearful of popping in to ask for that sale? Then plan on doing that tomorrow. If this is all a little too much, then create a social media post to share something about yourself, or comment on someone's post whom you admire, or go sing Karaoke tonight at the bar. Start as small as you think you need to, but whatever you do, conquer a fear every day.
  • Set Smaller Goals. You have one giant goal, right? And sometimes you feel like it's so far out of reach that you'll never achieve it. This is the kind of thinking that keeps even the most brilliant, motivated entrepreneurs from reaching their goals. Instead of focussing on that massive goal, set a series of smaller goals…all of which will move you closer to that big one. Not only will you remain more focussed and accomplish more, you will build confidence and dispose of self-doubt with every step forward.

Self-doubt is like a disease. It creeps in through cracks in your resolve and then snakes through your psyche until it controls your mood, your emotions and your decisions.

Stop that self-doubt in its tracks. You can do it, because there's something in you that's far more powerful, far more dominant. However, it won't take over on its own. You must give it permission and then support it with consistency and the will to succeed.

What role has self-doubt played in your brand so far? Do you have any great stories about how you've conquered it? Or some sad stories about what it's taken from you?

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