You’ve just started a business. Maybe it doesn’t even have a name yet. You’re short on capital. You’re short on time. And customers? You don’t have any of those either.


So where do you start? How can you create something from nothing, when you have no one to listen to your message?

It’s been done before, and you can do it, too.

Let’s talk about how.

How to Get your Start-Up Started

Contrary to what those expensive start-up consultancies might be telling you, you don’t have to dump a lot of money into marketing for your start-up. Instead, you just need to do your homework, make the right moves and react appropriately to feedback.

Here’s what I suggest:

  • Name the one thing you want to be known for. Do not overcomplicate this: because if you’re not clear, your audience will be confused…and no one buys in a state of confusion. Get down to basics. If everyone who talks about you could only name one thing they remember about you, what would it be? What will be the thing your entire brand is built upon, and the thing that if all else fails, would be left as your passion…the thing that fuels the brand you want to see in the world? It will be the thing that starts conversations, that supports every decision you make, that you love to do and do better than the competition…that thing that when someone needs it, they think of you. This is your message as you begin to build your brand.
  • Know if you’ll be branding you or your company. If you are a consultant, advisor or any other individual offering a personal service, then I would suggest building a personal brand, centred on YOU. If you’re building a company in which a team will be responsible for carrying on the legacy of a product or service, then focus on building a corporate brand. Every business is different: some will be personal OR corporate brands, whilst others will be a combination of the two. Think about where you want your business to be in ten years, and build it to that vision.
  • Build a network so you don’t have to do all the talking. Who is your ideal customer? The person who has the problem you’re solving, who will deeply appreciate what you do, who will gladly pay you what you’re worth and who will shout your name from the rooftops? This is the person (people) you want to make connections with. Deliver your brand message to them. Show them the value of what you’re offering. Share your expertise with them, so they will see just how priceless you and your brand will be to the improvement of their happiness, their business, their finances...whatever it is they crave the most. Do this right—find the right people and deliver the genuine message they’ve been dying to hear—and it won’t be long before you have a loud-and-proud brand army at your disposal.
  • Serve. This one is so simple, I can give it to you in one word. Too many new brand-builders chase after the sale, focussing on sales-speak, ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ offers and price wars. When, in fact, they would sell more by focussing on serving. Give advice freely. Make recommendations that will really work. Help people to make connections that will benefit them. And then watch how a spirit of reciprocity, community and profitability come alive in your brand.
  • Find brand partners. As you scan the market landscape, you will come across other brands that you respect for their strong vision and unswerving significance within their tribes. Some of these brands’ audiences will include your ideal customers. Reach out to these brands, showing them the value you have to offer. Consider conducting a webinar together, blogging on each other’s sites, linking to each other’s webpages, and establishing partnerships that are mutually beneficial because they expose both brands to the ideal customers you have in common.
  • Have your verbal strategy in place. As you build your brand, you will never be able to predict when opportunities to spread the word about your business will arise. Be ready with a one-sentence description of your business that you can deliver from memory. Here’s mine: How to Build a Brand is the world’s most valuable brand-building resource for legacy creators and entrepreneurs of purpose-driven businesses.

I hope you’re feeling a lot less discouraged about your start-up. You may still feel that you’re running behind the competition, that you’re going to have to struggle…however, there’s great news to be drawn from everything talked about here.  You have everything you need to start spreading the word about your business.

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