New business owners all have different answers for WHY they’re building a brand. Yet, they all have one question in common: “How do I start a business with the best chance of success?”

Who wouldn’t want the answer to this question? If we all knew this, building a brand would be predictable and the chances of success would…

Who says we don’t have the answer to this question?

We do, in fact, and we’re sharing it here, today.

The Formula for Business Success

In your quest for success from your start-up, the branding and marketing experts at How to Build a Brand suggest the following:

  • Name your Values. People want to do business with other people who share their values (and you’ll want to do business with them, too). List your top five corporate values. Choose one as your primary corporate value. Now ensure that they’re expressed in everything you communicate—internally and externally. This will attract all the right people to your business.
  • Be Unique. No one will feel compelled to spend time or money with your brand if you’re the same as the competition. Your brand needs to be different, and in a way that is significant to the people your brand will target. Solve a new problem, or solve an old one in a new way. Find creative solutions. Package it differently. Let your unique personal brand shine through.brand
  • Create a Stand-Out Business Card. Most business cards end up in the dust bin. Keep yours from this fate by making it unique in appearance, feel, smell…something that not only aligns with your brand message, but that captures attention enough to make them think twice about tossing it. This will allow time for your logo and your brand name to penetrate the noise and stick. And don’t forget to give everyone at least two cards. If they think it’s super-cool, they’ll want to share it.
  • Build Trust. Trust is a prerequisite for all brand-building. When someone spends time with your brand, or spends money on your brand, they are expressing trust in you. Accomplish this by offering great advice, delivering on your promises and giving them a product or service that holds true to its claims.
  • Focus on Benefits. Today’s consumer wants to know “What’s in it for me?” Not to insinuate that consumers are selfish…they are busy. They don’t have time to shop around, to talk in depth to a business owner or to ask for recommendations as they did in the past. They need to promptly see what they’ll get, what they’ll give…and calculate a net-positive outcome. They need to feel sure they’ll profit in money, time, benefits, feelings, etc. That’s smart shopping, and you have a duty to give them the information to make smart decisions.
  • Listen. How will you react when you receive great feedback? How about negative feedback? Both are paths into your ideal customer’s psyche, and will provide the information necessary for building a brand they’ll love. Always respond appropriately to what your customer base is telling you. Thank them for positive feedback, and build up the parts of your brand they love. Also thank them for negative feedback, start a conversation, offer solutions and follow up. Use this, too, to shape brand perceptions and deliverables.
  • Work your Channels. Consider all marketing routes—online and offline. Choose the social media channels where your target audience members are “hanging out.” Study the habits of your ideal customer to determine how they would like to receive information and where you can most efficiently complement their daily routine with your brand message. Create a marketing strategy that is unique to your brand and your brand’s audience. And don’t forget to test, measure and adjust where necessary.

Are you intrigued? Are you thinking that this all makes perfect sense and that you’d like to implement all of this advice for your own brand?

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