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To celebrate our two month birthday of Brand Builders TV I have a very special gift for you...

My latest meditation in my Brand Building Success Meditation series:

Success Meditation For Public Speakers and Changemakers

Since launching the BBTV channel I have had lots of conversations with Brand Builders Club members about what being on TV is bringing up for them.

One of the biggest things that keeps coming up time and again is this...

Being worried about going blank and forgetting their content while they are live.

Of course this never happens to them! However, the fear of it is enough to limit their magical experience and enjoyment of the journey.

I was sitting here on the boat yesterday reflecting on this and realised something. Between our amazing Brand Builders Club Mentors Trish Carr, Judith Quin and Gosia Gorna, we've covered so much great training in the Brand Builders Club.

In the Profile Builder section of the Brand Builders Club website for example, we've delivered loads of great stuff on public speaking, such as how to:

  • Become a world class public speaker to build your brand
  • Get speaking engagements
  • Create your speaker one sheet to get booked
  • Open your presentation magically
  • Create and build your public speaking business
  • Find and get speaking gigs
  • Get over your fear of public speaking
  • Liberate your voice
  • What to say and how to say it
    and lots of other incredible juicy stuff.

We've even delivered training on what to do if you are lost for words and host a public speaking surgery for Brand Builders on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7pm!

But we haven't created anything for you that you can listen to, to continually build up your confidence in yourself and your content in the lead up to your presentation.

So, if you are experiencing any kind of fear around public speaking or anxiety around it, I want to support you in taking away any barriers that are limiting you from making an even greater impact and building your brand with this Success Meditation.

Whether your anxiety is around getting on stage, or speaking to a live physical audience. Or maybe it's about being interviewed, delivering webinars, online training, live streaming, or even meeting an important key person of influence. Whatever your fear or anxiety is around it, this public speaking success meditation is for you and you can start straight away:

Speaking is without a doubt one of the fastest ways to build your brand.

However, getting the words out of your mouth is not enough. Your body language and voice is going to highlight exactly how you feel inside and if you are not confident or you program yourself to forget your content because you are stressing so much about it, then your audience will not have the confidence in you that they need to take those next steps with you.

I have so much love and appreciation for who you are and how you show up for others in the world. You are so valued and valuable. You make such a difference and the world needs you to continue being on top form.

I am here to pack your parachute and hold your hand as you build your brand!

Make this success meditation a part of your personal growth practice from now on. It will be especially powerful in the lead up to your presentations and live streams.

Bathe yourself in all of the magic I am pouring into you as you listen to these words.

Simply click on the video above to watch it or go straight to your success meditation on my YouTube Channel 🙂

Enjoy my friend and good luck with your next presentation!

Lots of love

Sammy xx

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