You're a brand builder, so you've got lots of things to do throughout the day. So naturally, productivity is a big concern. How can you get everything done [well], in the minimal amount of time—in the most efficient and effective way?

We could talk about time-saving practices and productivity hacks.

Or, we could get right to the heart of the matter and discuss something that, when mastered, will make way for all that good stuff to happen on its own.

That something is Selective Attentiveness, and it holds the power to laser-focus your attention only on what matters most—for building the brand you want to see in the world, as well as the brand your ideal customers need more than anything right now.

Are you ready to change the way you use and experience every single minute of every day?

Great! Here we go with a brand development plan unlike any you've seen.

Brand Development with Selective Attentiveness

Creating brand awareness, along with desirable perceptions of your brand, requires a certain amount of control. You've got to have control over (and confidence in) every decision you make, and you've got to maintain a certain level of control over the impressions your ideal customers receive.

Every day, you can choose to create your own experiences, depending on the where you decide to focus your attention. Will you stew over that negative review your brand just got? Or will you focus on turning that person's impression around? Will you grieve the loss of a big contract? Or will you use your time to go after what you really want?

Your business feels like dust in the wind, and yet, you're allowing what "happens to you" to steer the direction of your brand…and therefore, your life. Distractions are abundant, particularly for those of you running businesses out of your homes. And yet, you still have the power to be in complete control, and to create your experiences by choosing where your attention will land.

You have the same power in regard to your target audience. They will absorb and process what they're exposed to. Their experience of your brand will be rooted in the opportunities they're offered and in the flavours they're given to taste. And who has control over that? You do. You can't control everything that everyone says about your brand; however, you do have the power to provide as many people as possible with as many positive encounters as possible—so all of those messages are not just positive, but uniquely branded.

This is less of a step-by-step process than a shift in thinking. To help you, I'd like to suggest that you start small, training yourself to give attention only to those things that will build your brand. Keep it up, and it won't be long before it's a productive habit that spreads throughout your entire team and your brand development strategy—to your customer's delight and your competitors' chagrin.

Here's what I suggest:

  • Establish Flow. This is a skill that must be practiced, especially for those who are easily distracted. It starts to come together when you realise that you, above all else, are in control of where your attention lies. Start seeing distractions and distracting thoughts as robbery of your brilliance, and learn to enjoy being highly focussed and creative in the moment.
  • brand-developmentBe the Cause, not the Effect. Too often, we allow our surroundings to determine what our experiences will be—instead of choosing what will get our attention, and therefore, the experiences we'll have. This about being proactive, rather than reactive. Reward good things with your attention, and those rewards will be compounded.
  • Set Boundaries. You have the absolute right to ask that people not distract you at pivotal points in your day (particularly when those people are notorious for bringing negative energy with them or running directly to you instead of solving their own problems). If this means getting a babysitter, then do it. If this means locking your office door or hanging a do-not-disturb sign, then do it. If the team around you is the right power team, they will see the positive results of your choice to focus, and they'll be happy to give you the space you need.
  • Change your Language. Instead of saying "I can't focus," say to the tasks at hand "focus on me!" Instead of saying "I'm too busy," say, "I need to delegate the tasks I don't like so I can focus on what I love." Instead of saying, "This has been the week from hell," say, "Starting today, I'm creating my own heaven." The external forces that you're blaming for your lack of productivity only have power because you're giving it to them. So stop that, okay?
  • Track Choices. If you've ever wondered if you're a good decision-maker (and you're still not sure), then you haven't tracked the results of the choices you're making. Write down the consequences and rewards of every choice you make if you need to—just make sure that you're holding yourself accountable for all results. Paying closer attention to this, and maintaining focus on building your brand, is going to result in effortless, gut-instinct type decisions.
  • Eliminate Distractions. Log out of your email. Silence the phone. Turn off the TV. Close the door. Now, commit a solid block of time to nothing but your brand and the tasks that will build it.
  • Prioritise. Speaking of brand-building tasks, determine what's most important, do that first, and commit the greatest amount of time to it. How will you know what's most important? Well, it's the thing you're best at (and that you love to do the most), along with those things that will secure long term income for your brand. Secondary attention should be paid to delivering what you've committed to and those tasks that need to be delegated. In other words, build your brand first, then fulfil promises by over-delivering.
  • Control the Veer. When you feel yourself getting distracted from the task at hand, or slipping into a negative loop, refocus your attention to your goals by writing that distraction on a piece of paper, folding it up, and putting it to the side. You can address it later. For now, you've got the world's greatest brand to build.

Whether you feel that your brand is spinning out of control, a pawn of the naysayers and competitors, or if you feel that you simply can't focus on building it because of all the distractions that are plaguing you, it's important to realise that you aren't allowing yourself to exercise the power that you have over your day, your brand and your life.

You can control your environment through choices, or you can allow your environment to make those choices for you.

What will it be? Will you build a brand that precisely matches your vision for it, or will you build a brand that blows in the direction of the most recent wind storm?

You can have a brand that stands strong, and you can get sh*t done every day! Need motivation and support? How about feedback and advice? You will find all of that at our next Brand Builders Thinkubator, which is a global mastermind run on Zoom for one hour every week to take away the loneliness of being in business on your own.

Everyone can benefit from being part of a mastermind as it's the smartest way to connect, network, collaborate and develop ways to build your brand. You are very welcome to attend as my guest and get an insight into the great ideas, collaboration and activity that goes on behind closed doors at Brand Builders. You do not have to be a member to join in.

For more information and to book your place, visit and I will very much look forward to seeing you there!

Lots of love
Sammy xx


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