If you’re building a brand, you’re going to need the power of persuasion. You are going to need to persuade people to listen, to try, to buy, to share…ultimately, convince them to take action on a number of levels.

Persuasion is an invaluable tool when building a brand, and therefore, so is public speaking. Speaking at events—to audiences that are filled with your ideal clients who are ready to listen—is one of the best ways to build your personal brand as well as your corporate brand.

I know, I know. Public Speaking. Few people are fans until they’ve seen its authentic power and its ability to build a following. And it’s really not as difficult as you might think. In reality, it’s all about practice, and it’s so much simpler when you believe in what you’re saying.

So snuggle up close with your brand—the brand you love and believe in—and let’s get talking about the 4 pieces of persuasion that will make every speaking engagement a brand-building, 5-star performance.

Building a Brand with Public-Speaking Persuasion

The ultimate goal of any speaking event is to persuade the audience to believe in your brand. As you plan your speaking event, work these 4 elements into your strategy, and you will amass that belief and so much more for building a brand:

  • Enlighten: Your ideal client’s decisions will be based on emotions (i.e. how you make them feel); however, he or she will, immediately following that feeling of jumping on the band-wagon, look for facts to justify it. Never put the burden of asking for those facts on your audience. Give them insights that you know are new to them. Make it interesting and make it something they will be eager to implement in their own lives and to share with others.


  • Inspire: When you give people reason to believe that their dreams are achievable, you give them HOPE—and that’s something that not everyone is willing to give. Hope is something that everyone wants. Tell them your story. Show them how you did it…and against what odds. Demonstrate how you were once just like them—and how happy they will be when they act on the hope you’ve instilled in them.
  • Entertain: The modern consumer’s attention span is short. Thanks to all the stimulation they are exposed to every day, you are challenged, more than ever, to keep their attention. One of the best ways to do this is to give them the distinct impression that they will miss something funny, dramatic, remarkable…if they look at their phones or turn to talk to the person next to them. When you entertain your audience, you not only reveal a bit of your personality, you keep their attention for all the really important stuff about your brand.
  • Encourage: This is where you let your audience know that you understand their problems, and that you have a solution that will improve their lives—a solution that you will help them to implement. Let them know that you’re in this with them, and that you believe in their ability to change their lives, with the help of your solution.

Here’s the short story: If you believe in your brand’s mission, vision, and values, then you will accomplish all of this by default. For now, it’s a good idea to use these 4 pieces when planning, and after that, watch every public speaking event improve in both delivery and results.

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