Dreams: they’re impractical, improbable, unlikely…and they’re eating up time that could be invested in real business success.

Dreams are nothing more than empty reverie, wasting the mind space that could be utilised for real problem-solving and profit-making.

Are you really buying any of this? If you’re like most start-ups and business dreamers, you’re starting to, and you’re beginning to wonder if your dreams are worth the effort.

Your dreams have been shot down by naysayers and discouraged by resentful competitors. You’ve been laughed at. Your ideas have been opposed by even your most loyal ‘supporters.’

And they’re starting to get into your head.

So what are you to do?

Abandon your dreams? Give up on the brand you want to see in the world? And submit to creating something that’s just like the competition’s, and that conforms to the standards set forth by ‘the powers that be’?

Giving up on your business dreams, just because a select few (or a lot) have said that the business world is no place for dreams—and that dreams can’t be serious or profitable—is a direct denial of the rich tapestry that has been woven by ‘dreamers’ over the centuries. Because nothing innovative conforms. And nothing inventive imitates.

Get ready. You’re about to learn why your dream matters…and how you’re going to make it matter to a lot more people.

Dreams: the Stuff Great Brands are made of

You’ve been told your dreams are not realistic.

News flash! If dreams were realistic, they wouldn’t be dreams.

There are things in business that need to be realistic; but your dream isn’t one of them. You need enough profit to support your lifestyle. You need enough clients to create that profit. You need a level of brand visibility that will get your business noticed by all the most interested people. What you don’t need is a ‘realistic’ dream. That’s the part that should come with no limits, really.

In true belief of this concept, I have compiled a list of points that I’d like you to consider (and remember) as you move forward, toward the realisation of your business dreams. They are principles that I have adhered to when building my brands, and they have served me quite well.

  • Know that your dream is also your ideal customer’s dream. You yearn to build the brand you want to see in the world, and there’s someone else waiting for that, too. It’s your ideal customer—the person who NEEDS the solution you’ve invented, the relief you’re offering…and who will appreciate what you do and pay you what you’re worth. Hold your dream in one hand, your ideal customer in the other, and bring them together in one grand solution you will call your brand.
  • Take realism in selective doses. There’s lots of stark pragmatism in business, and you don’t need to add more of it in unnecessary places. When you focus too firmly on realism—especially in areas that should be rooted in creativity and innovativeness—the next logical step for your psyche is self-doubt. Why? Because in your inspired mind, anything is possible. Only positive imagery begets positive results. Take that positive imagery away, and forward movement will be replaced with hesitation and
  • Recognise your own negative voice. The voices doing their best to dash your dreams aren’t always external; in fact, they come most often from your own ego. Your ego is that entity that tries to protect you from harm. It does its best to convince you to make the safest, most predictable decisions. Why? Because its job is to keep you alive. It’s really just a hold-over from prehistoric times, when risky behaviour meant the loss of the life. Now is the time to address your ego; to tell it firmly, and in no uncertain terms, that its gig has expired.
  • Know that courage is the remedy for fear. I like to think that when I’m afraid to do something, that’s a sign that it needs to be done. Fear only exists alongside desire. In other words, if we don’t care about an action or an outcome, we won’t care enough to be afraid; we’ll just walk away, inconsequentially. The best way to conquer fear? Action. Commit to moving forward, and your courage will always conquer your fright.
  • Upgrade your dream from dream status. One of the best ways to make your dream reality is to envision it as reality. Express it in a drawing. Put it in writing. Take photos that depict it. Create a vision board that summarises it. And do it all with the understanding that when things are virtually real, the next step is practically real…and then actually No one can insult it by calling it ‘a dream’ if it has already become reality.
  • Sift through opinions. Did you know that repeated negative thoughts and toxicity actually change the physical shape of your brain (and your brand)? Every time you receive a piece of feedback, I want you to consider the source. Has the person offering feedback been successful in their own business? Have they taken risks that have paid off? Do they understand the value of ingenuity and non-conformity? If not, they could simply be attempting to ‘level’ you, or to make themselves look better by bringing you down.
  • Surround yourself with role models. Think of someone for whom you have immense respect, and commit to studying how they’ve made it so far. Make their association, if possible, and starting forging connections within their network. Strive to keep peer groups that are above your business and success level, so that you always have role models who demonstrate the realisation of dreams and the achievement of success. Watch how these people handle negativity, failure and steps backward. Also watch how they manage achievement. Learn from them. They are demonstrations of where you want your dreams to land, and everything they do will ‘rub off’ on you.
  • Think of the future YOU. After you sell your business, after you retire, after you have lived your life…what will you regret more? Following your dream and giving it your all, no matter what the outcome? Or not having had the courage to do anything outside your comfort zone? I think we both know the answer to that question.

I don’t know about you, but I am thoroughly inspired to move forward with the realisation of my dreams. This motivation comes from inside me, and it can come from inside you, too. All you need is the support of people who are positive, supportive and encouraging of your dreams.

Start with YOU. Believe in yourself and your ability to create something marketable from your dream. Need some help? Or support from other freedom-focussed, purpose-driven business owners who have put their dreams to work? Then click here to learn more about the Brand Builders Club.

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