I have a serious message for you today if you are thinking about creating a membership, product or program...

DO NOT let perfection stop you from launching it.

Create Membership Sammy BlindellYour inner perfectionist is going to scream at you that EVERYTHING needs to be complete before you launch it. But it’s not true!


It’s no good you getting your program perfect before you launch it. If you wait until it’s all perfect you will suffocate your chance of success and squash its ability to change lives immediately. The world is changing and your customers are changing, so every day you don’t just launch it and go for it is a day less that your product remains relevant.
Once you have the program structure in place, know your customer journey and you have the promises in place of what transformation you want to support your customers to achieve, that’s it. From that point of conception when you are certain of the transformation you are going to promise...


You only need to put the skeleton of your program in place so you know roughly where to start and then build the rest around your first few clients. But you’ve got to get them interested first, find out what they actually need and that can be happening the entire time you are creating and finishing off your final pieces for you to say “It’s perfect enough”.

Here’s an idea of the structure we went through with our RippleFEST VIPs recently to support them in creating the right membership program first time...

Over a four week period between RippleFEST events we focused on the core purpose, customer journey and messaging piece. They had an idea of what they wanted to do at the beginning, but it needed to be shaped before they were ready to start talking about it. After four weeks, they were clear about the program they are creating, exactly who it is for, the promises they were making, they had lots of ideas to include in their program, had their guarantees in place that we call ‘principles of success’ and their messaging was in place to start creating their product, program or membership. This meant they were ready to go out, launch the concept and start having conversations with their ideal customers to find out what they would want if they were to invest in a program like that? This is enough to launch, because you don’t want to create a program that assumes what your customers want. You only want to spend time creating what they actually need.

Launching and selling your membership program are two different things...

1. Launching your product, program or membership builds visibility to your idea, tests it to shape a solution that works, creates a framework that you can start building on and builds great credibility around your brand as you gather information upon which you are going to build your content. Start talking about it, asking questions on social media, creating polls to gather market research and building interest in it. Get your keyword research done so you can start creating blog and video content that’s going to get found by the right people with the right problem that your program is going to solve. There is a whole training module about doing your keyword research in the RippleFEST Quest Facebook group, which you get access to for a week when you participate in our 5 day IMPACT Accelerator called RippleFEST. I will tell you more about it at the end if you want to find out more.
You MUST, MUST, MUST start promoting your program as soon as you think about creating it so you can find out more about what your customers want and need during the sales process.
You can focus on tweaking and perfecting your program all you like once you have launched your idea and are fully into promoting it. It can take 12 days to 12 weeks of daily interaction, conversations and engagement before your ideal customers are ready to buy from you. TRUST is critical and you aren’t going to earn that by being invisible and then all of a sudden popping up to say “Hey I’m ready to sell to you now.” No, don’t do that! You start posting questions on social media, in groups and forums to get your conversation started. You reach out to all your friends on Facebook to ask if they could give you 10 minutes of feedback on a Zoom call to test out your idea. Get their feedback and support as early as you can so they can go out and start talking about it too.
The more you start talking to people IMMEDIATELY about what you are doing, the more buzz you will build around it.
As you can see in the graphic (right)...
Build A Buzz Around Your Brand-Sammy-Blindell
  • Buzz creates curiosity.
  • Curiosity creates credibility.
  • Credibility creates conversation.
  • Conversation creates conversion.
  • Conversion creates customers.
  • Customers create cash flow.
This is the only infinite loop of marketing and creation you need to focus on and it all starts when you are thinking “Shit, I don’t feel anywhere near ready to launch this thing!”
You absolutely are ready to launch it when it’s still just a concept. No amount of complaining about how unfinished you feel is going to move you forward. This only stops you from transforming all the lives that are waiting for you to show up in your perfectly imperfect splendor.
2. Selling your program happens once you have built enough interest and credibility in it that people want to achieve the transformation you are promising. You then take your first 3-5 customers through the process by building it around them at each step.
Choose your first customers based on them each having a slightly different objection that can be solved with your solution. Objections such as 'I don't have enough time', 'I don't have enough money', 'I don't trust myself enough to complete it', I am already committed to another program', etc. are great problems that you can build into your solution so there is nothing that will hold them back from investing in you.
Only this way can you sell them what they actually want and give them what they actually need.
This will enable you to build a product, program or membership that totally supports a diverse range of people and guarantees that they'll succeed. Your guarantee is what creates certainty and certainty is what your customers want to buy.
By the way, if you are still perfecting your website or waiting for your logo designer to sign off, etc, that’s still not an excuse not to launch it! Don’t let it stop you from promoting your program and reaching out to people.
Get your Facebook and other social media profiles updated with a welcoming photo of you that’s consistent across everything and start getting your questions, daily videos and posts out. You need to be seen, heard and felt in all the ways you already know how to get visible and if you don’t know how to get visible, join us at the next RippleFEST Impact Accelerator where we show you how.
You are the only one holding this back now, so go for it and if you need help or want to go through the next program with us that starts in a few weeks, book yourself onto the next RippleFEST now. It's only £8 to take part and 100% of that goes to charity, so what are you waiting for?!!!! Go to www.RippleFESTQuest.com now and within the next 90 days your life and business could look very different.
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