Have you ever noticed that some people have a talent for grasping attention? That they seem to have a rapt audience at their disposal, wherever they go? Maybe it’s not a talent at all. Maybe it’s a skill, and just maybe, it can be learnt by you, too, to further your personal branding efforts.

There’s no maybe about it. You can learn, in five simple steps, to demand the attention necessary for getting your personal branding message heard.

5 Steps to More Effective Personal Branding Communications


Effective, commanding communication is a fine art, supported by skills that many of us simply don’t possess or haven’t learnt. These skills are so subtle that many of us don’t even know we’re judging others on their use (or misuse) of them, and that we’re missing them as we speak for ourselves.

Employ these 5 simple pieces of personal branding communication advice, and you’ll soon notice that people pay attention when you speak, that your ideas are taken more seriously, and people remember what you’ve said:

  1. Ditch the Disclaimer. You have a proposal for a better way to carry out a social media branding strategy. You start off, “This may not work, but…” And at that moment, every ear in the room turns downward. When you speak in this manner, you’re telling others that you don’t really believe in your proposal (So why should they?). Instead of starting off with “This might be a dumb question…” or “I’m not sure if this would interest you…” say “How about we try this?” or “I have a great idea for putting us on the social media map.”
  2. Lose the Lacy Language. No one wants to be “talked down to.” What they want even less is for you to try to impress them with complicated words, for the sole purpose of proving your intelligence. Personal branding requires that you be human, not a business-bot. Keep it simple, and you will keep their attention.
  3. Abandon the Abrupt. We all know that we shouldn’t interrupt someone’s dialogue, mid-sentence. What we may not always realise is that we’re busting into someone’s train of thought—without permission. First, practice getting a sense for when someone is finished (or nearly finished) speaking about their problem, their story, or their idea. Then, ask for permission to offer your viewpoint. Use words like, “I have an idea, if you’d like to hear it” and “Are you open to…?”
  4. Boot the BUT. Phil often tells his guests, “When you use the word but, you negate everything you’ve said before it.” This is truth, and subconsciously, we all know it. That’s why, when you use the word but when speaking to one person or a stadium filled with people, their defences go up. It’s even more dangerous if you use it after something they’ve said, like, “That idea is good, but…” or “I understand where you’re coming from, but.” Instead, try the word and. This gives others the sense that you’re not discarding what they’re said, and that you’re adding to it. Try “I like that idea and I know how we can make it even better.”
  5. Fancy the Follow-Up. Everyone’s busy—and I think we all respect that. A lack of response from others, following your sharing of ideas, doesn’t necessarily mean those ideas weren’t well-received. Make it a habit to follow up with people you’ve talked with, to remind them about your proposals and to pass on any supporting documents. Do not apologise for bothering them. Instead, be cordial, clear, and direct. They will appreciate the reminder.

There will always be people who aren’t interested in hearing about what you have to say—that’s unavoidable. However, there is a segment of the population who may be interested in what you have to offer…if only they felt intrigued enough to hear you out.

We all have innate communication patterns that could weaken our personal branding strategies. Don’t let that get you down. If you start with the 5 pieces of personal branding advice offered above, you’ll be on your way to personal branding success.

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