Building Your Brand | Sammy BlindellBuilding your brand can be a relentless, challenging and seemingly unrewarding financially for the first year or even two of your business.

You put a lot of work into building your brand, have lots of meetings, go live at every opportunity and invest a lot of time and energy into creating a solid foundation for the brand you are building. But then you look at your bank account and think to yourself,

"The money in my account doesn't match the amount of time I am putting into this."

Oh don't worry, I totally hear you. I know how much work goes into building your brand having built 9 of my own brands and supported many thousands of other small business owners and entrepreneurs to do the same over the years.

There are so many mistakes I made since I launched my first business back in 2002 that were totally unnecessary to learn. Do you ever catch yourself saying "If only I knew then what I know now!" I do that a lot!

Of course there are lessons in life that we absolutely need to learn the only way we know how so we don't repeat them. But there are many thousands of lessons I have learned that didn't need to cost me so much along the way. I know you will have learned some hard lessons too along the way.

If you had been with me in March 2013, you would have been sat lecture theatre style among 200+ other delegates in the fancy ballroom of Renaissance Hotel in London Heathrow. I was attending a speaker training quarterly meeting, which I had been a member of for just over two years at that point and I was getting ready to be ready. You know, the kind of ready that means you were ready two years ago, but you still don't feel ready? Yes, I was that kind of ready!

I had been developing the concept of How To Build A Brand for the previous two years, starting to speak on the topic of How To Build A Brand and had even developed a 5 step programme called The Brand Accelerator. The big question though after two years was... 'Was it out in the world making money while it made a difference?' No it wasn't, because I was getting ready to be ready.

It was at that event that my mentor at the time said to me "Sammy, when are you going to launch this? For fuck sake, if you don't launch it soon, I will" and with a wink he walked away, leaving me with what felt like a grenade, ready to explode. But of course, the only thing ready to explode at that time was my raging inner perfectionist and approval belief, which I appropriately named Grrrr.

Grrrr was totally taking one for the team. He was keeping me safe, protecting me from fear of the unknown, fear of being seen and fear of being judged. Grrr kept telling me that I wasn't ready to be 'out there' yet and would whisper "Who do you think you are to be building your brand as an expert in this?" He would create so much anxiety that he would get his way pretty easily and even though I kept feeling the pull to step out of my comfort zone, I would go back to consciously playing way smaller than I knew I could. Yes consciously, which was like being a prisoner in my own cage of self worth.

Knowing my Mentor as well as I do, I knew that he meant what he said. He had seen me speak and present enough times that if I didn't launch my idea then he would. So there was only one thing for it... to override Grrrr and just get on with it!

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How To Build A Brand was born in January 2014 and within 12 weeks of launching this How To Build A Brand blog and using Facebook to interact with my ideal customers, I had taken my new business from £0 to £18,000 of monthly revenue, using FREE marketing strategies to prove what can be achieved for a small business with no budget.

My strategies took me onto stages all over the world and in 2015 I launched a Brand Strategy company in Calgary, Canada. In February 2017 I launched The Brand Builders Club and by February 2020 The Brand Builders Club had grown all over the world with members physically meeting every month in London, Manchester, Amsterdam, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Brisbane, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Many more members started tuning in remotely from all over of the world every week to our 'Hour of Brand Building Power' Thinkubator Sessions.

So many businesses needed support at a much lower price point though, which is how The Brand Builders Club Lite version of membership was launched in July 2020, so I could create a safe space for business owners and entrepreneurs to get the support and accountability they need to go to the next level.

Over the years I have shared a ton of my brand building strategies in magazines, radio interviews, television interviews and many of the top entrepreneurial magazines and newspapers, such as Forbes, Virgin Start Up, The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Fresh Business Thinking Magazine and The Daily Telegraph to name a few. I love getting interviewed on BBC News, BBC Radio, BBC World News, SKY News and Radio 5Live, sharing my biggest mistakes and greatest achievements to support other business owners to learn from my mistakes so they can grow much quicker than I did.

And of course publishing my first two books,  The 7 Reasons Why Customers DON'T Choose You and The Law of Brand Attraction were so much fun to write that I am now creating a whole series of books for you that you can pick up, implement immediately and make that bigger ripple that you want to make in the world.

But out of all the mistakes I have made on this journey, what are the three biggest mistakes that I want to help you avoid?

Mistake #1... 👆

I waited too long to ask for help, struggling on my own thinking I might look stupid, or people might think I didn’t know what I am doing.

How To Build A Brand The Easy Way | Sammy Blindell


Mistake #2... 👆👆

I felt so lonely in my business doing everything the long, hard way simply because I didn’t know there was an easier way. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Building Your Brand On Your Own | Sammy Blindell

Mistake #3... 👆👆👆

I played safe and small for fear of making mistakes and failing in front of others.

Build Your Brand With Confidence | Sammy Blindell


The reality is that not asking for help as soon as I needed it, not running my ideas past others first to avoid learning the expensive way AND playing small totally extended my business growth journey by easily 3-5 years. This means I could have been making the impact I’m making now 3-5 years ago. If only I had known then what I know now eh? Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing argh >.<

Brand Builders Thinkubator | you are fed up of being lonely in your business and fed up of doing things the long, hard way, I want you to know that you are not alone. If you would love to creatively brainstorm your way to success around other like-minded entrepreneurs at all different stages of the business growth journey, come and join me at our next online Brand Builders Thinkubator >

I run them live on Zoom every Tuesday for 1 hour of Brand Building Power at alternate times to ensure we can support business owners globally, no matter what time zone you are in.

It’s just £15 + vat to attend each session and receive the support, ideas & contacts you really need to thrive.

You will meet other business owners from around the world in a safe and secure environment, with all the attendees divided into small think tank groups of 3-4 people per group within the hour. What goes on in that room stays in that room and it is NOT recorded to ensure that no matter what you want to bring to the table it will be respectfully kept there between your mastermind team.

  • You will walk away with a spring in your step, motivated and supported, ready to continue building your business the easier way.
  • You will have made new contacts to support you on your journey who will champion you the more they get to know you.
  • And best of all... this is available to you each and every week all year round.

But why wait to have the business and success you could have had?

If you are wondering what happens at your first Thinkubator, I made a quick video just for you...


Book your place now at and I will personally look forward to being one of your mentors during the session.

Ooh and if you know someone else who would benefit from coming along, please do share this email with them. Together we can make the world of difference 🤗

Lots of love
Sammy xx

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