What is your main concern surrounding the Brexit Referendum, or the UK’s separation from the European Union? Are you convinced that the EU had become more of a political influence than a protective umbrella? Are you worried about the future of Britain’s economy, or its decision’s effect on the global economy?

Listen to me: you have a decision to make now, in this moment that involves none of the above listed concerns. Right now, today, your only concern as a UK business owner should be this:

How will I grow my brand strategy to take advantage of the new opportunities that come with British trade independence?

  • Here’s the thing: right now, most of your competition is whining about the economic protection they feel they’re losing. They’re grumbling about having to compete outside the UK. They are cursing the day all this happened; they day that upset the small-scale success of their small business.
  • Here’s the other thing: a small portion of your competition has already purchased their domain name with Canadian, US, German, French and Irish suffixes. They have researched the cultural faux pas that may arise when they take their visual brand to other countries. They have hired a content writer and translator to tailor their website, blog and social media content to suit a wider variety of individual audiences. They have, in essence, set their businesses rolling as global entities, because as the world’s eyes and ears are open to the news of Brexit today, tomorrow they will all be wondering “What’s next?” They will be curious about what Britain has to offer that has never before been experienced in their own country: new ways of solving problems and fresh opportunities for innovation, creation and even collaboration.
  • And one more thing: there’s a chance that a portion of your competition has been planning for this British exodus from the EU for quite a while, and has in turn been strategising their initial moves toward global presence. Consider that in March, 80% of CBI (Confederation of British Industry) members, including 71% of their SME members, were planning to vote for remaining part of the EU. In only a few months’ time, the British Chambers of Commerce reported that only 54% wished to remain. This means that in a relatively rapid manner, business owners have been not only changing their minds on the issue, but realising for themselves what a fast-moving proposition this has been…and have likely been making preparations for the result they suspected would come.

Now here’s the question that you need to answer for yourself and for your brand:

Will you take the steps necessary to grow your brand strategy in a global direction? Or will you be left behind to cater to the same customers, in the same local areas…customers who have now realised that their best opportunities might be outside the UK?

Time Is Of The Essence. Never before in the history of British business have truer words been written. NOW is your chance to make a decision: will you fall victim to the rubbish or will you rise above and move ahead whilst the others have their heads stuck in it?

There is no doubt there will be challenges for every British business owner in the short term.

  • The value of the pound has dropped.
  • People have already lost their jobs.
  • The resulting volatility has already affected the global market.
  • The prices of fuel and foreign products are likely to rise.
  • Movement of trade and labour within the EU will be restricted.

However, these items are overshadowed when we think about immediate and long-term potential:

  • lower export costs
  • lower taxes
  • less red tape
  • target audience expansion
  • the opportunity to be seen as a forward-thinking leader
  • more partnership and alliance prospects
  • a perfect time to start or build a business, whilst others are distracted
  • a chance for Britain to become an economic leader (and the go-to region for industry experts)
  • a focus on Britain by the press (and by your ideal clients)

There is no doubt that those British business owners who focus on opportunity following Brexit, rather than on the problems and political arguments surrounding Brexit, will be the ones to not only survive, but thrive as part of this newly enhanced global economy.

The How to Build a Brand team have met and worked closely with many British entrepreneurs and business owners, both experienced and aspiring. Those people have proven to be some of the most brilliant minds and driven spirits in the world.

The prospect of this British brilliance being shared with the rest of the globe is exhilarating, to say the least, and we will be here with all the advice, support and encouragement you need to not only adjust to, but thrive upon, this Brexit problem opportunity. So buy up those domain names, find your new target clients outside the EU, study the cultures and preferences of those you’ll target, enrol in the B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp…and contact us for more information on transformative brand-building programmes like the B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator.

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