It’s a question we get all the time: Why is branding so important?

If you haven’t asked this question out loud, you’ve likely wondered about it. Or maybe asked a similar question, like Why not just name the business and off I go? Is an investment in branding worthwhile?


Or maybe you’ve thought I’m so busy with starting my business, I don’t have time or funds for branding.

We understand how difficult it can be to see the value in branding if it’s never been pointed out to you, or if you’ve never experienced its benefits first-hand.

Why you NEED Branding

As you move forward with beginning to understand the value and importance of branding, remember to always view branding as a customer experience, from first contact all the way through brand loyalty. Also remember that your brand isn’t what you say it is—it is about how the consuming public perceives your brand.

A great brand with cult following potential doesn’t just happen. It’s built with in-depth research and targeted, well-planned strategy. Here are some of the things building a brand can do for your business:

  • Branding Makes it Memorable: If your ideal customer is exposed to your business, you want him or her to remember it, right? Otherwise, that exposure has no significance. A well-built brand tailors your ideal client’s experience so that he or she will remember your brand when they see your logo, hear your business name, or have (or hear about) a problem that your brand can solve.
  • Branding Builds Trust: Trust is an integral part of loyalty. People must trust your brand in order to invest time, make a purchase, make referrals, and come back again and again. Without a strong brand, it can be difficult to promote the familiarity and clarity that foster trust.
  • Branding keeps your Message Consistent: This is related to trust. A consistent brand tells consumers (both overtly and covertly) what to expect—in everything from experience to product. When you come through with what you’ve promised, your brand becomes a faithful companion; a partner in solving a problem. This is the foundation for a long-term brand/client relationship.
  • Branding Demonstrates your USP: Every business needs a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Without one, it will drown in a sea of lacklustre competition. Your USP tells consumers how your business is distinctive, how it solves a problem better or differently than others, or how it solves a problem that has not yet been solved. A powerful brand tells the world about your USP, so you don’t have to.
  • Branding Demonstrates your Values: Every business owner has a profile of an ideal client (or at least they should). Working with anyone else will result in a less-than-pleasant experience. This choice is rooted in the alignment of values, and having a brand in place will send messages about your values, so that potential clients who share those values will be drawn to your brand. There’s no reason to work with anyone who doesn’t share your values, and a clear brand will ensure that you only attract those ideal people from the very beginning.
  • Branding Tells a Story: A story is so important for every business. It endears people to you and your company. It answers questions. It demonstrates who you are, where you’ve come from, and where you’re going. Through the construction of a brand, you tell your story with a variety of media.
  • Branding helps you Connect Emotionally: Today’s consumer makes decisions based on how you make them opposed to price and other more tangible factors. During the brand-building process, the top emotions that motivate your ideal client are named. Those emotions are then stirred up with targeted branding and marketing, placing your ideal clients in a mind state that is open to your message.
  • Branding Offers Structure for your Team: When your team is cared-for, it will take exceptional care of your clients. Part of caring for your team is giving its members the tools they need to want to offer the best service and to build your brand through word-of-mouth advertising. When a strategic brand is in place, every team member will have guidelines at their disposal for how to speak, how to act, and how to promote your brand. They will feel confident and invested in your brand…and will pass that on to your customers.
  • Branding makes a Promise: Keeping a promise is an exceptional way to gain trust and demonstrate your significance as a competitor. When a brand is well-built, it makes a promise to consumers. You then have the opportunity to deliver on that promise, to create a culture of confidence in your business and its people.
  • Branding keeps you Focussed: Focus is essential for maintaining consistency and establishing trust. The structure offered by a strategic brand makes exercising your focus simpler…and desirable. Customers will notice this focus and reimburse you with their patronage and loyalty.
  • Branding adds Monetary Value: Every business should be built with its eventual sale in mind—so that you can not only live your dream life whilst running your business, but after it’s sold, too. When you build a robust brand, it will not only attract more buyers, it will add monetary value to your sale price.

That’s quite a lengthy list of benefits, wouldn’t you say? And would you believe that’s just the beginning?

There is so much to learn about the value of branding and how to put it to work for you. If you’re ready to do some exploring into how you can use branding to make your business more visible, credible, and profitable in the market, then get yourself signed up for our next B.R.A.N.D. Kick Starter Online Masterclass. Registration is simple at

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