What colours will represent your brand in your logo and other visual representations of your business?

If you haven't given the slightest thought to this notion, then I would strongly recommend that you consider the power of the messages your brand colours (particularly your brand's main colour) are sending to your target audience.

You can choose colours that you love, and that speak loudly and happily to you…however, unless you're prepared to purchase 100% of your own product, I wouldn't suggest it.

I have developed a branding design system for choosing the colours that will not only grab the attention of your ideal customers, but that will speak to them and make your brand seem irresistible.

Join me, won't you?

Find the Best Colors for Your Branding Design

As you approach the task of choosing colours to represent your brand, try not to think of colour for the way it looks, but rather for the way it feels. This is so powerful! Colour sends universal messages, even to people who are unable to read or discern shapes. It evokes emotion and provokes action (or inaction). It can persuade, or dissuade.

Here are some considerations you'll need to make as you take on this all-important branding design task:

  • Who is Your Brand's Ideal Customer? The colours you choose will have to speak to your ideal customer, specifically, and spur them to take action. What are their interests? Where are they hanging out? What are their buying habits? Are they primarily masculine or feminine? Remember that just because your audience is male-minded, for instance, doesn't mean that it's made up of males. 70% of my clients are female; however, 70% of my branding is male. It's more about the mindset of your ideal customer than gender.
  • Determine What Type of Brand You're Building. Are you building a personal brand or a business brand? A legacy brand (one that will outlive you)? Or maybe a franchise or network marketing brand? Knowing where your business will land is integral to the branding choices you'll make, because you'll want people to know how it promises to serve them.
  • List Your Values. Your brand's values are those things you respect in others, and that you wish to demonstrate with your brand. They are held in high regard by your ideal customers and you'd like your clientele to have them, too. You can't see them, but they will permeate every interaction you have with potential, as well as loyal, clients. Choose a main colour that represents your top value, and then supporting colours to demonstrate the other four. Don't worry—I'm going to point you toward a guide that helps with this at the end of the article.
  • What Reaction Do You Want Your Ideal Customer to Have? In the first moment that your ideal customer sees your logo, what psychological response do you want them to have? Do you want them to feel nostalgic? Hungry? Thirsty? Intelligent? Curious? Strong? Needy? Loved? Lonely? Motivated? Energetic? Relaxed? With immediacy, your target audience members will react to the colours in your logo—and it's up to you whether they'll be attracted to it or repelled from it. Remember, in many cases, they've never met you. They don't know you and have no other information to contribute to this reaction. You've got to assume that the colour is standing alone, speaking for your story, your purpose, your message, your mission, your vision and your values. Before committing to a colour scheme, put your choices in front of a few ideal customers and ask for immediate reactions. If you're not getting what you want, it's back to the colour palette for you.
  • What Emotion is Integral to Your Ideal Client Bonding with Your Brand? Whether you've named it yet or not, there's one central emotion that will push people toward your brand. It's a feeling that when they experience it, they'll want to run toward your business because you will either intensify that [positive] emotion or relieve that [negative] emotion. Believe it or not, the colours you choose for your branding design play a crucial role in conjuring that emotion. So, figure out what that should be and then find the colour that sparks it.

branding-designBy now, you're probably thinking, This sounds like great advice, but how am I going to use what I discover about my brand to choose the right colours? I not only have the answer for you, I have something that's going to change the way you see colour…and possibly your entire brand.

Join us for our next Brand Builders Thinkubator, which is a global mastermind run on Zoom for one hour every week to take away the loneliness of being in business on your own. I can tell you how to not only choose the colours that will create your desired results, but how to tweak the shades of those colours to hit your ideal customers right square in heart.

That's colour in branding design, and it has the power to determine the future of your brand.

It is run mastermind-style and everyone can benefit from being part of a mastermind as it's the smartest way to connect, network, collaborate and develop ways to build your brand. You are very welcome to attend as my guest and get an insight into the great ideas, collaboration and activity that goes on behind closed doors at Brand Builders. You do not have to be a member to join in.

For more information and to book your place, visit and I will very much look forward to seeing you there!

Lots of love
Sammy xx

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