When a business unveils its logo, it isn't something that's done at random. A lot of thought goes into every aspect of the design, from the colours chosen to the font and imagery that's used. This is only right, since this will be the brand's visual identity for the business, going forward.

The font used in a company's visual brand identity tells us a lot about the reputation the brand is trying the build and the message it's trying to send. A traditional, no-frills font like Times New Roman indicates that the company wants to represent itself as formal and upmarket, whilst a playful, exuberant font like Comic Sans MS is often chosen by companies that wish to market themselves as easy-going.

There's more the choosing a font than conveying a brand identity, though. You'll need to think about where your branding will be seen, as it will look very different on a billboard than on a smartphone screen. You'll also need to preview how the font will look in the context of the overall design: Is there a style clash, for instance? The use of multiple fonts can also present a stumbling block. If you do wish to use more than one font, ensure that they complement each other, or the design will appear messy and ultimately, prove to be ineffective.

This infographic from Creative Canary demonstrates how businesses can nail their branding font selection, a marketing decision that's much more important than it initially may seem. In fact, some businesses use fonts so effectively that a typeface will become inextricably linked to that brand, which is the surest sign of all that it has been marketed to perfection.


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