Your values underpin everything your business is about. Values are the DNA of your brand. They are the skeleton upon which your entire brand should be built before you start adding muscle.


You may have heard the saying before, ‘The meaning of your communication is the response you get’. What that means in branding is; if your brand communicates a certain set of values about you, which are fundamentally wrong, then you are going to attract people with those same values. If those values you are attracting aren’t congruent with the true values of your brand, then you’ll attract the wrong customers and therefore a lifestyle that is so much less desirable than you are truly worth. However, when you build your brand based on communicating the right values to the right people, then your business will flourish as will your bank account and your lifestyle will flourish right along with it!

Knowing the values you will communicate outwardly as a business can help you determine the visual identity of your branding. How? Well each value has a different colour associated to it. It also has a different feeling attached to it. In fact, each value has a certain shade of colour and out of over 2000 shades of colour, you don’t want to get this bit wrong, like so many other people do!

Also, your answers to this exercise can help you determine the shape that your logo icon needs to be and the typefaces you need to use to direct target and attract your ideal customers!

Sammy Blindell – The Queen Of WOW Experiences

A Note From The How To Build A Brand Team...

“Finding new ways to attract your IDEAL customers does not need to be complicated to be successful. There is absolutely no need to use a lot of complicated, expensive technology or confusing tools to make it all work. It can be VERY SIMPLE, VERY EFFECTIVE and VERY PROFITABLE. Our job is to help you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and give you the instructions to take action. Once you have the strategy and the knowledge of how to do it, you can accelerate your business growth as FAST as you want to go!” - Sammy


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