Corporate branding strategies contain a host of smaller, focussed strategies. Some of these include social media branding strategies, ecommerce branding strategies, and online marketing branding strategies…which are all increasingly reliant on the power of video.

Why Branding Strategies Need Video

As the public’s attention span narrows – due in large part to an influx of information from all directions – brands are feeling the pressure of time. They have less and less time in which to capture (and keep) attention.

A significant portion of the population are enamoured with video. Not long ago, we attributed this to a large segment of that population being visual/digital (and auditory) learners. However, as the information influx mentioned earlier washes over every sector, video is becoming a more valuable tool than ever. It’s no longer something only to be used for a visually motivated audience; it’s a tool that has proven itself to be an invaluable component in a wide range of branding strategies.

The proof of video’s power is in the numbers. Here are just a few statistics that speak to its influence:

  • Video increases the likelihood of purchase by 64% (comscore).
  • We know that we only have about 8 seconds to capture the attention of consumers ( Not only does video do this well because the capturing isn’t left to the motivation of the reader, but 3 out of 5 viewers will watch a video for approximately 2 minutes, in an effort to learn more about something they’re considering buying (
  • Video is most effective when audio is included. Viewers will retain 58% more when audio accompanies video (Allan Paivio, University of Western Ontario).
  • After listening to audio or reading text, people only remember 10% of the conveyed information for 72 hours. After that same passage of time, those people will remember 68% of what they saw and heard in a video (
  • Video is especially important if your target audience shops with mobile devices. They are 3 times more likely to be engaged by video than home computer or laptop users (Forbes).
  • Video increases website visitors’ onsite time by 200% (comscore).
  • Are you targeting senior executives? Then you’d probably like to know that 59% of them prefer watching video to reading text (Forbes Insight).
  • In email marketing campaigns, video enhances click-through rates by 96% (Implix Survey).
  • Back in 2012, 76% of online marketing specialists planned on integrating video into websites. This percentage is higher than those planning on utilising social media and blogging (Social Media Examiner).
  • One video is equivalent to the power of 1.8 million words (Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester Research).
  • In the near future, video viewers will account for 92% of all internet traffic (Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s Vice President of Global Content).

At How to Build a Brand, we’re big fans of YouTube. Not only is it owned by Google (which gives it search result priority), it is simple to copy and paste a YouTube video into any online content.

Are you using video yet? Including applicable video on all of your webpages and blog posts will increase engagement and conversion – and who doesn’t want that?

For more on how to integrate video into branding strategies and to create videos that engage, call How to Build a Brand on +44 (0) 208 123 6776, email us on [email protected], or watch How to Build a Brand’s videos on YouTube.

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