What is a brand strategy? It is the groundwork on which you will construct solid, meaningful and lasting relationships with ideal-clients-turned-loyal-clients. Brand strategies are certainly not one-size-fits-all. Instead, brand strategies (when properly executed) are customised to support uniquely branded (and effective) online marketing, social media marketing, customer relations, brand identities, brand stories, brand promises, and more.

We know: that’s a lot for one little strategy to do, right?  It sure is, but when brand strategies are devised professionally and backed by years of branding experience, they can move mountains.

10 Characteristics of Highly Effective Brand Strategies

No two brand strategies will be exactly alike; however, all good brand strategies have these ten things in common:

  1. Brand strategies should always strive to deliver consistent messages – no matter the media. When there is no deviation from core messages, then there is no question about what brands stand for, or what consumers can expect.
  2. Thorough brand strategies include directives (and examples) of the specific language to be used by their respective brands. A brand’s language should be unmistakable; it should speak about, for, and of the brand…and it should make provisions for continuing that language in all communications, both external and internal.
  3. The best brand strategies state their brands’ core values. They then weave those core values throughout the brands’ mission statements, vision statements, and brand positioning plans…all of which are also included in those brand strategies.


  1. Brand strategies not only name the emotions that are most valuable to their ideal clients, they put forth plans for eliciting those emotions. More than ever, consumers make emotional (rather than logical or economical) purchasing decisions…on a daily basis.
  2. The most effective brand strategies include plans for integrating personal branding along with corporate branding. The days of faceless brands are over. Now, consumers want to know who the people are behind the brands.
  3. Brilliant brand strategies are equipped with tactics for rewarding those who spread the brands’ words, who are fluent in the brands’ promises, and who generally build the brands. Loyalty is a two-way proposition, and the best brand strategies include provisions for making sure that loyalty potential is rewarded…so it grows into full-blown, steadfast loyalty.
  4. The most comprehensive brand strategies ensure that there are plans in place for training employees and affiliates in branded language – because brands’ employees are some of their biggest proponents…their loudest and most trusted voices. Moreover, they make provisions for ensuring that employees feel, and therefore demonstrate, brands’ core values.
  5. Flexibility – and the knowledge that evolution must occur – is part of all great brand strategies. What works now will not work ten years from now, and therefore, all the most successful brands continually re-evaluate what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.
  6. Cutting-edge brand strategies don’t try to avoid competition…or ignore it. Instead, plans are integrated into them for gathering motivation from competition. It will come – the market will become quite crowded at times. Expect it. Welcome it.
  7. Every brand needs a visual strategy, and all brand strategies that have fostered success ensure that visuals are not only consistent across all media, but that they communicate specific information about their respective brands.

Creating a brand strategy is no simple proposition; however, the power to create something brilliant is within your reach. The branding experts at How to Build a Brand are waiting to hear from you – we have the branding advice you need to generate a brand strategy that will usher your brand toward a prosperous future.

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