Brand awareness means building recognition for your brand identity. Fostering brand awareness is especially important for new brands because – of course – all brands start from a point of obscurity. At How to Build a Brand, we don’t like to stop there. Instead, we want your brand to shine brighter than all the rest.


Creating Stand-Out Brand Awareness

How can you build brand awareness so powerful that the mention of your brand’s name, or the sight of your brand’s logo, brings instant recognition and a feeling of trust among consumers? Our clients have successfully built brand awareness with these eight simple tips:

  • Be consistent. Every form of advertising and every piece of communication should share the same colour scheme, logo, font, strapline…so that when consumers experience subsequent encounters with your brand, all of their former experiences will be easily called to mind.
  • Focus on your clients’ needs and preferences. Treat every customer with respect and make it obvious that their satisfaction is your primary goal. There’s a lot of competition out there. If you don’t make your clients feel cared-for, they will find that feeling with another brand.
  • Stay in touch. Tell your clients what your brand is up to this week or this month. Hint at what’s coming up in the future. Keep them abreast of what’s new in your industry and give them helpful advice through a blog, social media, emails, newsletters, video, radio, and other forms of media that are applicable to your brand.
  • Tell your story. Just as important (or maybe more important) than your product is the reason you’re selling that product. What brought you to this point? What do you have in common with your ideal client? How do the values that you hold dear affect how you market your brand? The days of faceless entities are gone. People want to know who’s behind the brands they love.
  • Make your brand valuable. Do your clients feel like they’re getting a lot for their investments? Offer extras that make your brand a no-brainer – and advertise those extras to ensure that your brand gets the attention it deserves.
  • Remain visible and viable. Some of the most successful brands are those that make regular appearances in the places where their target audiences are hanging out. Be unseen and unheard for too long, and you will be forgotten. This often requires some careful study and budgeting to ensure that you’re making the most of your marketing time and money, but staying visible will increase and sustain brand awareness.
  • Give branded gifts. Be creative about the gifts you give. Think about items that your ideal clients will use often, as well as those they will use whilst thinking of brands like yours. When you brand name is in front of them, it will be stored in their memories and more easily recalled when your product or service is needed.
  • Write a book. The purpose of writing a book is not to create more revenue from book sales (although that may happen), but rather to raise brand awareness with a concrete summary of your brand identity, your story, your values, and your passion for your brand.

Recognition of your brand, or brand awareness, is a prerequisite to brand success. After all, no one can expect all their branding efforts to pay off if the right people haven’t been exposed to their brand in memorable ways.

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