Personal branding is an essential part of building your brand. Consumers and loyal clients look for it. They value it. They share it. They use it as a pathway to forging the emotional connections necessary for making brand decisions.

Are your personal branding efforts furthering your brand? Read on to find out about the online personal branding measures you can take…to build a better brand.

Eight Components of an Online Personal Branding Strategy

  1. Make your name a top SEO priority. Include your name in page titles, Meta tags, and text. Treat your name like that of a celebrity – well-known – because if you do this right, it may end up being just that.


  1. If it’s still available, purchase the domain that bears your name (e.g. Even if you never use it to put up a website, you will keep others from doing so.
  2. Google your name on a regular basis to ensure that you’re showing up in search results, and that those search results are positive, productive examples of your personal and corporate brand. If you notice negativity, address it directly, make an effort to learn what you can do to change it, and put forth lots of positive content in order to overpower it.
  3. Stay on top of everything that has to do with your name by setting up a Google Alert. Every time something about you is published, you will be notified. If it’s unsavory, then you can address the problem immediately, before the negative effects have a chance to take hold.
  4. Start a blog and add new articles at least twice per week. Google (the number-one search engine) gives priority to fresh, relevant content. Ensure that your name is associated with every blog post to speed up your name’s appearance on Google’s first page of search results.
  5. Make it easy for people who communicate with you to find the very best online information about you. Include links in your email signature, on your social media pages, on your webpages…everywhere that personal branding can have an effect.
  6. Put up social media pages (LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube) and actively participate. Social media is the ‘word of mouth’ of the 21st Century, and to overlook this valuable resource could mean the death of your personal brand.
  7. Whether you’re writing content for your webpages, putting up blog posts, or creating status updates for your social media pages, allow your unique personality and values to shine through. More and more consumers are making purchases and loyalty decisions based on emotional connectivity with personalities ‘behind the brand.’

This is just the tip of the personal branding iceberg. Depending on your industry, your brand’s current presence, your target audience…there are so many more things that you can do to build your personal and corporate brand.

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