The difference made in any industry, in any market…is rarely the product or service offered by any given brand. More often, it’s about the strength of the brand strategy.

You may know that a brand strategy needs to make its brand feel significant, unforgettable, and even life-changing to its clients and prospects. What you may not know is that every uber-successful brand strategy has nine things in common with its counterparts…nine traits that make it strong enough to weather nearly any storm.

Curious about what those traits might be? Of course you are.

Characteristics Shared by Every STRONG Brand Strategy

What makes a brand strategy strong? What makes it more resilient than its competition? Some say that the formula is beyond definition—that any good brand strategy is the product of trial and error. We tend to disagree. We have studied the most successful brand strategies and have come to realise that they all possess these 9 traits:

  1. Emotive: Every brand strategy should be built upon the stimulation of one (or maybe two) emotions that are critical to its ideal client’s decision-making process. Today’s consumer is driven by emotion more than common sense or necessity; therefore, every part of every brand strategy should be designed with the eliciting of that emotion in mind.


  1. Memorable: A central goal of every brand strategy should be to cement the brand in the minds of ideal clients so that, in the second that a want or need arises, there is the memory of the given brand. This means providing for a generous variety of touchpoints, set up to intersect with the movements of target audience members. Forget the back burner. A strong brand strategy keeps its brand top-of-mind.
  2. Unique: Strong brand strategies have traits in common with others, but are unique in their specifics. They introduce creative ways of thinking about old ideas. They challenge status quos. They stand out from the competition simply but stating what they do and how they do it.
  3. Hardy: Every brand will experience set-backs. The line that separates the successful brands from those that fail are the plans in place for both moving forward and for finding the way back after failure. Strong brand strategies include tactics for handling set-backs, competitor assaults, and negative feedback.
  4. Results-Focussed: A brand strategy exists for the success of the brand, and therefore, should at all times be focussed on increasing its market share and profits. A brand might not exist for the sole purpose of making money for its founder; however, without this element, it will not exist for very long.
  5. Direct: No strong, successful brand strategy has ever been vague about what it offers, its benefits, or its values. Your brand strategy should be concise and straightforward, without requiring that your target audience decipher what you’re saying or what you have to offer. Get to the point, and do it quickly, in all your communications.
  6. Visually Identifiable: A targeted and consistent brand identity strategy should be included in every brand strategy. Every line, font, colour, and shape contributes to messages sent to consumers, and when they are constant across all media, those messages are clear and memorable.
  7.  Consistent: At your brand’s inception, its vision, mission, and corporate values were named and recorded. Every piece of your brand strategy should be aligned with what is contained there. Any discrepancy in a brand strategy can equal the downfall of a brand.
  8. Genuine: When your what your brand strategy says is supported by what your brand does and what people experience, then an atmosphere of transparency (and therefore, trust) is established. Say less, do more…and marry the two.

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