When you start to incorporate social media into your brand strategy, you will experience a noted side effect. You will become busier with content creation, answering questions, responding to comments, engaging with followers, and ultimately, fulfilling the work required to satisfy new clients!

How to handle all of this work? The answer is different for every brand strategy, but help from automated social media might be the answer. Social media automation is certainly not intended to replace all of your social media responsibilities, but when used strategically and sparingly, it can steady the heartbeat of your brand strategy.


Keep Your Brand Strategy Alive

When your workload increases, and you bury your head in your latest projects, what is happening to your social media presence? Is next month’s income secured? If you’re not ensuring a steady flow of valuable information, the answer to the income question could be another question:  What income?

You simply must keep the communication lines open and proactive during heavy work times. One way to accomplish this is through pre-scheduled social media communications, but I would strongly suggest that you handle these services with care.

Let’s look at Hootsuite, for instance. Hootsuite is a social media posting manager that will schedule postings when you’re not available. It can be an invaluable resource, but if overused, can actually push people away. Allow me to explain:

Hootsuite allows you to post to all of your social media channels, and the temptation is to create one message that will go out to all platforms. This seems like a wide-reaching and efficient plan, but what about those followers who are connected to you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube? Those people will receive an identical news feed on every channel, which will be painstakingly redundant, and probably not worth their continued attention.

Another Hootsuite user mistake is using it for every post. Hootsuite will be credited in your status updates, so readers will soon learn that you’re simply not there – and when you’re perceived to be unavailable, engagement will drop off.

A wise Hootsuite user will create posts that might deliver similar messages, but are ultimately unique to every social media platform. He or she will also only use Hootsuite during times of absence or when round-the-clock promotion, leading up to a release or launch, is necessary. If you use Hootsuite, remember to also post organically, or live and in-person.

Facebook offers the option of post-dating and scheduling posts, too. This feature works well when you want to ensure that posts go out at the same time every day – because people are expecting them and missing one could damage your engagement.

There’s no need to drop social media when business is up. A brand strategy that includes social media is a brand strategy that should ALWAYS include social media. There are many tools available for keeping engagement high, and How to Build a Brand would be happy to discuss these options with you. Simply email us on [email protected] or message us via our Facebook page.

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