I’d like to introduce a rather simple brand identity strategy for building your brand; but first, let’s think about the word sticky. Where does it take you?

Maybe your mind turns to something that just won’t go away – something that’s simple enough to work around, but is always there. Maybe you think of something that, no matter how much you try to shake it, is always present.



Create a Brand Identity Strategy that Sticks

This “sticky” concept should be an element of contemplation as you build your brand strategy. Even if you’re a brand new business or a business that’s undergoing significant growth, you can become a market leader by becoming sticky. Here are a few things How to Build a Brand recommend:

  • Be highly visible. What do you think is more productive? Chasing clients or giving them the incentive and the motivation to chase you? When the strategy for your brand identity makes you visible and active enough for clients come to you, it not only save times, it saves overhead. Be there. Be seen. Be more profitable. Be a market leader.
  • When you exchange contact information with anyone, connect with them immediately. I recommend using LinkedIn for business-to-business contacts, and Facebook and Twitter for others…or all three, plus any social media channels that your brand strategy uses on a regular basis.
  • Establish a mass communication schedule and stick to it. Be a regular sight on people’s news feeds. Let them know what you’re doing, where you are, what your plans are…anything that demonstrates how energetic you are about your business. Daily communication is best.
  • Don’t be concerned that what you have to say won’t apply to every recipient. Remember that you’re not just selling to the room; you’re selling to your connections’ business connections and friends of friends. Being highly visible in social media is a brilliant way to get referrals and recommendations.
  • If your work schedule doesn’t allow for daily communications, delegate the responsibility or schedule status updates in advance. When people see that you deliver on a regular basis – even at the same time every day – they will be impressed by your discipline and commitment to your business. This is a simple way to demonstrate how fastidious and dedicated you are. It will be assumed that you run the rest of your business in this manner.
  • When your connections communicate with you, be prompt, friendly, and helpful in your responses. Offer advice that will not only demonstrate your expertise, but will show just how willing you are to deliver value.

Being sticky means always being there, even if it’s in the back of prospects’ minds. Maybe they don’t need your products or services right now, but when they do, there you will be – and it will have cost you no more time or funds that if you had never used your brand identity strategy to connect with them.

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